A Dollop Of My Home: The Fridge Magnets

I decided to take this photo after being reminded of my fridge magnets through this post.
LadyJ transformed her Paul Smith paper bag into a gorgeous tissue box as part of Capture the Everyday.
A few  years ago, my Paul Smith bag was turned into many magnets, some of which grace my fridge.

The fridge's upper door is a calm oasis, away from little hands and flurry of handwritten notes.
It is half-covered with magnets from around the world.
(can you spot the different countries?)
Most are from places we have visited, and a few gifts from others.

The 3 on the bottom left were made by colleagues and myself as part of a project.

The Paris postcard is the only non-magnet on this door.
From the sis. I really like how it brightens up that spot!

The Paul Smith magnets remind me of the crazy days I slogged it out at their warehouse!


Mum in the Making said...

We also use the fridge to showcase a bunch of magnets from all over the world! :) Love how cheerful your fridge display looks!

Lady J said...

I love the Paris postcard.. like you said bright and cheery!

Those are some great Paul Smith magnets that you made. Looks even harder than my tissue box cover. Hehe. :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I forgot to buy one from Krabi! Boo. Yes I like the bright colours too - they're cheery!

Haha, you got to be kidding babe! I simply stuck a sheet magnet on and cut out the shapes! hehe :)