A Dollop Of My Home: By My Bed

Spot the baby monitor :)

Necklaces, a few bracelets and some hair-ties.
The "ball" bangle is missing from this pic.

Books I'm currently reading.

Ikea lamp.
(I do feel like I want a new one)



Mum in the Making said...

Its a lovely lovely corner! All my jewelry is crammed into all sorts of corners of my wardrobe, this makes me want to dig them out and display them! Thanks for the inspiration!

Jolene said...

I'm the same, i have books stash by my bedside table like you. Lovely collection of accessories you have there!

Ruth said...

Very nice! Happens that I'm in the process of decluttering my home and am thinking of how to organise my necklaces (and perhaps all the earrings too). Thanks for the inspiration, If I come up with something creative, will send you a picture :) Btw, where did you get the necklace hanger from?

Ruth said...
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goolypop said...


I did have a fav spot at my old aprtment in Bangkok! :) but I can't find the pic so I'm pasting the post which had a pic of it. Ignore everything else (it's a post of nonsense!) pls.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thanks! Just have to make sure J knows not to tug at them! I had to train Bubbles, and even then it has come tumbling down I think twice!

Having books there makes it easier for before bed reading, doesn't it! hee. When I was preggers I always had snacks there on this table too.

It is from Ikea! But that was bought a long time ago. You can send in photos of other parts of your house if you wish to! Calm beauty spots.

Oh what I pity you don't have the photos! Lovely decals (are they?) Any nice photos of present place? :)