Dinner Guest Extraordinaire

Since Bubbles came along, we've (or rather I've) have found it challenging to have guests over as often as we used to. There just seems to be too many considerations (timing of naps and bedtime in particular), and I already run a schedule so tight that preparation for company just means eating into my already measly 5-hours-a-day sleep.

However, we do really want to muster up space to do hospitality, and remind ourselves (again, more MYself) that it is the making time for people that count, and not the perfect food, table-setting or home decor.

Last week however, I didn't think twice about inviting a dear friend over to spend the afternoon with us and stay for dinner. It was a very simple affair food-wise, but very lovely companionship. I have been wanting to catch up with this woman before she goes off again to fulfill exciting plans ahead of her.

Bubbles took to her very well indeed.
Story-time, play-cooking and squeal-y hide-and-seek

The special bling on Bubbles' finger for old times' sake

After dinner, I had to excuse myself to put Bubbles to bed. 
When I stepped out of Bubbles' room, I found that this friend not only washed all the dishes, pots and pans, but also cleaned the table, and get this - washed the table mats AND wiped Bubbles' highchair
Hands up if you've ever had a guest do these for you! I bet your guest is the same woman!

In fact, she was so into the washing up that she almost left these behind:

I count myself blessed (and perhaps very spoiled)
God is good to have sent this guest to my home as an encouragement!
Not that YOU need to do all the washing up if you get invited.
...ok just a teeny bit maybe ;)


Lady J said...

What a special friend! ;) I love to have her over too.. hehe

Miss Leney said...

She reminds me of my friend, who always wash the dishes for us when she comes over for dinner parties etc. :)

lilsnooze said...

extraordinaire indeed. ;)

goolypop said...

I'd mop up the place for u!!! :p Nice friends yup have..

Candice said...

that's why she's a dear friend and worth all the effort for you to plan something with her. :)

i think it's such a blessing to have wonderful friends who not only loves you, but your family as well!

Anya & Arielle's mom said...

I know what you mean! We used to host dinners for friends that we love BA (before Anya)! Now, I can hardly even find the energy and time to cook for ourselves a nice dinner without turning our schedules upside down!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

She is very special indeed, and NOT because of her babysitting and cleaning up abilities! ;)

That's a nice friend you have there too! We never expect our guests to help out. In this case it was more than a 'help-out'! Heh

LOL indeed, indeed

Wah, mop floor too!!!

I really didn't do very much at all this round! Just really wanted to spend time and it is so much easier doing so in the comforts of home when we have a toddler to entertain. I'm sure your friends will be hanging out at your place more often too in the near future :)

Anya's Mom:
Yep, stuff I cook nowadays tend to be the easiest things to throw tog! Cook large batches, freeze etc. No more luxury of time to try out new and more complex recipes! I remind myself however that it is the time spent with people that really count :)

Ruth said...

It's a blessing to have such a thoughtful friend! I would love to have more friends over at my place, it's always nice to eat in the comfort of home, especially when there's a little toddler around ;) But I need to clear the clutter at home first!

Domesticgoddess said...

I'll wash up too if I were invited to your lovely home. :P

You are lucky that your lovely guest is so thoughtful and extraordinaire! I've had some rather nasty experiences with guests before.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Yes it is so much harder to keep clutter away with a kid, isn't it? One way is to start with other parents with small kids. They would understand and not mind messes!

Oh dear, what did those guests do? I only had very messy live-in house guests before but they were lovely people and more than made up for their mess in other ways!