Daddy's Playing Tennis

Roboman plays tennis once a week with his mates. Recently, Bubbles keeps asking to see Daddy play tennis, so that's what we've been doing.

After dinner, I'd take her to the courts where she will remind herself Cannot disturb Uncles (because I've told her that she is not allowed to run into the court when the game is on.)

She'll say Hello Uncles when we arrive (usually mid-game), and wave. We'll then sit at the side with her on my lap.

That's when her commentary begins:
Uncle has ball!
Ball so high up!
Aiyoh (imitating one of the Uncles)
Uncle said Aiyoh!
Hahahaha! Funny
Hello Daddy.
Daddy playing tennis!
Daddy's leg pain. (Pointing to Roboman's knee guard)
Oh dear!
Oh dear me!
Sayang Daddy?
Sayang Daddy now! (Me: No, no, after the game)

A tennis ball falls near us.
Bubbles help Uncles (sliding off my knees)
Pick up ball
Bubbles pick up ball
Help Uncles (While picking up the ball)

And in this manner she'll continue on. Over and over again until it is bedtime and we leave for home, with waves and shouts of Good Byes and Good Nights.

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Kelly said...

naww soooo adorable! What a clever little tot! I can't wait till K starts talking like this! Probably can't shut him up then too!

ame said...

haha. she's v cute leh. i haven't had the chance to hear her say so many things yet...

Miss Leney said...

aaawww she's such a cutie! hehehe

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Haha, yes it is hard to make them stop once they start! Bubbles goes off on her own monologues now and then! :)

When you're back we make plenty of time for you to talk to her! Impy got a big dose.

Hee thank! Lil Miss Chatterbox for sure!

Jane said...

Hey, I used to do that when Kaizer was younger. We would troop down to watch the dad play hardcourt soccer with friends. But I only tried it a few times, cos it was too hot for me at the hardcourt ... hee

Jess said...

That is freakin' adorable! Sam is also a bit obsessed with watching his daddy play basketball. x

Candice said...

daddy and his friends must be very pleased with their new ball picker. ;)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Wow soccer! Your husband must be really fit! Yes I often feel hot as well at the courts especially if I am still in my work clothes =P

There's just something special about watching one's own daddy play a sport I guess! :)

Haha, they find her entertaining I guess! I only allow her to pick balls if they land at the safe spot. We almost got hit by a flying ball last week! =P