Daddy and my bib

During dinner out one day, I looked up from my bowl of soup and saw this:
That's my gorgeous husband for you, impressing upon his beloved daughter that it is OK to wear a bib while eating.

For the record, it worked like a charm. To be like Daddy! How cool is that!

Another one of the many reasons why I love this man. He doesn't care if he looks ridiculous in public, if for good reason.


Susan said...

The things Daddy does for his girl :)

sharmane said...

Thumbs up for daddy. By the way, the bib is pretty.

mummybean said...

i tried the same thing to get noey to put on a bib but it didn't work! instead he insisted that i wear the bib the entire time but he would not. sigh! nice bib btw :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Indeed! :)

Sharmane & BeanBean:
Hee, it doesn't always work, but we're relieved when it does! Bib is from Cotton On Kids (on sale!) I like it that it is really thick so nothing seeps through. She doesn't like bibs with plastic backings!