Cleebo Giveaway & Discount Code!

A few weeks ago, Bubbles caught a cold from a little boy at church. Her nose was dripping non-stop and it affected her sleep. Afraid that the back-flow of mucus and interrupted rest would make her even more ill, I whipped out Zyrtec and gave it to her for a few days until the drippy nose cleared up.

The result of the medication meant that she constantly had dried mucus coating her nostrils. It was terribly unslightly! I kept trying to scrap the boogers out with my fingers before we went out, just so that she would look more presentable. It was hard work and she didn't like it much. I also had to keep washing my hands before and after the deed. I tried using cotton buds too but they often don't provide enough friction to have stubborn bits scraped off.
Leave my nose alone!

Would you believe that right smack in the middle of those days, the folks from Sophie & Friends asked if I would like to review a BOOGER PICKING DEVICE designed for babies and kids. It was almost as if they could read my mind (or had a spy camera in my home). Of course I said a resounding YES!

Introducing the Cleebo:
Designed by actual parents who had difficulties unclogging their 4-month-old's nostrils, the Cleebo was developed together with a medical professional. It has since garnered many positive reviews for being a safe, hygienic and easy-to-use product.

This special tweezer is made of ABS plastic and it comes with 5 brightly coloured interchangeable tips that are made of medical-grade silicone. I must say that the colours really attracted Bubbles and myself.

Bubbles nose had cleared up completely by the time I received the Cleebo, so unfortunately for this review, I have no boogerific story to share. However, I have to say that she was VERY interested in having her nostrils picked by the Cleebo, and later tried to use it herself. Thankfully the tweezers are designed such that it cannot slip deep into the nostrils the way a cotton bud could. The tips are very soft and she didn't mind them in her nose at all (unlike my fat fingers and possibly dirty nails). Booger! She exclaimed rather expectantly (although we couldn't find any that day).
The Cleebo has a ridged and curved handle which help ensure a firm grip. For smaller nostrils, it is possible to pull the tweezers apart to use only one end of it to remove boogers (ok dried mucus).
In bid to test out how well it grips small, sticky objects, I used it to pick up a tiny piece of White Tack. The pointed tips made it easy to grip even the smallest bits.
When Bubbles is unwell I tend to be even more careful hygiene-wise, and was very glad to know that the Cleebo can be cleansed in sterilzers! I think this point would be well-received among parents of younger babies.

You now stand a chance to WIN a Cleebo!
Simply leave a comment with the phrase:
The draw will end on Monday 20 June 12 noon.
(Singapore time, GMT +8 hours)

Cleebo retails for S$17.90.
For those who want to buy yourself a Cleebo NOW, use the discount code
when purchasing Cleebo from the Sophie Webstore.
to get a 15% discount.

If you think Sophie & Friends sound familiar, it is because they are the folks that carry this popular product, Sophie the Giraffe!

PPS: To see pics of two gorgeous kids using the Cleebo, head over to Life is in the Small Things!


Cindy said...

this is WAY cool! Tabby hates hates it when I clean up her nose!

Cindy said...


Stephanie Goh said...

I totally agree that it's so cool!!!
I have 4 kids and have never found a tool that can take out those unsightly dried mucus due to aftermath of flu.

This is really good to remove those stuff without risking to enlarge ur kiddo's nostrils. Lol


Vicky Tan said...

This looks cool. I had purchased other brands of tools which is suppose to allow me to remove all the boogies but all failed. It was too difficult to use them and they are suppose to suck them out. Cleebo looks like a life saver.

I want a Cleebo!

Unknown said...

Cleaning boogers (or trying to anyhow) is never fun... so...

I WANT A CLEEBO! Hahaha! ;)

sharmane said...

Thanks for sharing cleebo. Caleb's nose runs almost every month... it has come to a point where he thinks cotton bud is only for the nostrils. Sad. He happened to chance upon one just few hours earlier and immediately he stuck it into his nose. So yes, I want a cleebo!

eveeleva said...

The twins have sensitive noses, so I battle runny noses all the time now!

I want a CLEEBO!

Anonymous said...

i hope it will really become a lifesaver for my fussy kiddo.

Sunflower said...

I WANT A CLEEBO because I am constantly facing the problem a need to remove mucus from Yvette's know when she was having running nose.

Kelly said...

Every other baby has a Sophie here! K's got one, a gift, but he never ever warmed up to it. So frankly, it isn't such a big deal.

BUT, this Cleebo thingo actually looks useful! I WANT A CLEEBO!

or is the giveaway over already?

Gallery said...

I WANT A CLEEBO!! My son's nose has been dripping non stop for the past 2 weeks and he is sleeping very badly with a clogged nose :(

goolypop said...

I have.. I mean lolly has Sophie!! Squeak squeak!

I want a C
I want an L
Gimme a double E
A 'B' 'O'

*Mexican wave*

(u like my super tight cheerleader costume? Teehee)

mirrror said...

I want a Cleebo!! So i can clean the nose of baby mis. Her boogies are always so far in that it's near impossible for me to get them out.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Hi everyone, Woo Hoo! I've been enjoying all of your comments! :) Thanks for participating in this giveaway!

You're in for the draw, it only closes next Monday :)

cote-p said...

kai hates it when we try to clear his boogers.. keeps saying that it's painful! hope this works! :)

Candice said...


we're using iliadin to dry up the booger but it's not easy getting these out of the tiny nose. in the process, T gets irritated as well. sigh!

Anonymous said...

My son's nose is stuffy all the time and I can't seem to get it cleared. It pains me to see him all stuffed up!

bookjunkie said...

love your lil girl's expression....too cute! and that device is soo cool!

Poiema said...

I would prefer something similar for baby earwax but in the meantime sure, I want a cleebo!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Aww thanks :) She does these cheeky expressions pretty often!

Pris said...

Say bye to cotton buds, Yay to Cleebo! I WANT A CLEEBO!!

Darienna said...

Yay! Finally a way to safely dig out those nasty boogers!


Winnie Lam said...

I've tried the Pigeon nasal aspirator, but it didn't work very well. I WANT A CLEEBO!

qq said...

I had been using rolled-up tissue paper for my baby. With this, I can do it in a more elegant way.


colortypes said...

this is definitely boogarific for me to clean my darling's boo boo!!! Pick me please (pun totally intended)!!! I want a Cleebo!!!

lilsnooze said...

Can you imagine I'm using the booger picker from Nat's time for meimei? I suppose, what aint broken can be used holds very true. :)

So, ues it will be great to have this cool thing for meimei.


Nic said...

I would love to try the cleebo on my darling daughter who is coming out next month :) still in é tummy for now.


coolart said...

I want a CLEEBO for my son! :)

Mum in the Making said...

We've been using another tweezer version but I think those colourful bits will sure help in getting a kid interested in staying still when you do all the "gold-digging"! :p Realized I'm not too late, so I want a Cleebo! :) Thanks for the chance!

yuqic said...

Hi Corsage, I've been a silent follower of your blog since the days we were preggers. My daughter is two months younger than Bubbles :-)

I WANT A CLEEBO, no I should say I NEED a Cleebo. We tried various brands of those suction type aspirators on my sweetie pie but all didn't work. Recently, in an attempt to clear her nostrils of the hardened booger, she rubbed her nose so hard that it bled. Ouch! Your review on Cleebo is so timely. Cleebo will be useful for her little brother too (after he pops);-)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Hi everyone THANK YOU for your lovely comments and for participating in this giveaway! I shall be announcing the winner soon :)

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