Chilling over a Grill

We were invited to a couple's place for a barbecue last weekend.

It was a hot and humid evening, giving me the 'sticky skin' syndrome. Thankfully the company and the food more than made up for it. The friends made gorgeous burgers from scratch (they were so gorgeous that I assumed them to be store-bought until I learnt the truth from Roboman on the way home!). The patties were juicy and flavourful - meaty goodness with every bite. We topped the patties with cheese, bacon, mustard, lettuce and plump tomatoes. Ooh la la.

The wonderfulness of the burgers was lost on Bubbles though. All she wanted to eat were the tomatoes!

I was introduced to this dessert-like drink with yummy jelly bits. It is jazzed up with a tad of alcohol and very delightful:

Bubbles was grouchy for a bit because of the heat. She kept scratching her head and knowing that her hair got messed up, announced: Look at me! After a cool wipe down and her discovery of a toy stroller and the ice-box however, she was a very happy bunny.

Someone taught her to swipe the grown-ups with cold hands. She was squealed with every swipe and shouted Again! before running back to the ice-box for ammunition.

Can you spot her 'water pistol' in the ice-box below? Wahaha! Well, we brought that from home.

I choose to believe that the grown-ups welcomed Bubbles' water spritzes given how hot it was! *cackle*

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justinekau said...

I cant help smiling each time i read your blog. Bubbles reminds me of my beautiful girls.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Aww thank you,k that is very nice to know :) You do have gorgeous girls!