Childhood Toys!

I wrote awhile back that Bubbles has inherited a large number of my childhood toys that my mother carefully kept all these years.

I've finally gotten round to photograph some of them. See if you can spot stuff that you find familiar - perhaps we're from the same era! ;)

A Barbie bed
(Teddy was given to Bubbles more recently)
Funnily, my mother doesn't know what happened to the Barbie dolls I owned.
*Correction, apparently they have been found!
I had 3 Barbies (I think!) and 1 Ken doll.
In storage, there's still a lovely Barbie kitchen set that has a fridge, food, cutlery and crockery!

Do any of you remember the Pound Puppies series?
This is technically my sister's but for the purpose of this post, I shall claim it. Waha!

Whistling Kettle (It still whistles!)
Eggs that can be 'cracked' open
Bacon and scrambled eggs
The cutlery you see here comes as a set - I took one out to photograph.
Somehow the quality of plastic toys these days just don't match up!

Disney Stuff!
We have a few pairs of toys like these Donald Ducks.
One for my sis and one for me!
I clearly remember this magical morning:
we both got up, went out of our room, and saw neatly arranged on the floor -
a whole lot of toys and trinklets for the both of us. Dad had just returned from a long trip to the US!
It was such joy to see Daddy and to be treated to all those presents!

we had these cute ones!
I really wanted the 20-legged one, but my parents felt that 10 legs were sufficient =P
Recently, my sis shared that she remembered me egging her to say that she wanted this caterpillar too, just to put 'pressure' on my parents. Haha. I honestly don't remember that at all!

Do you remember similar toys in your childhood? Do share! =)


Mummy Kless said...

wow your mum kept the toys so well!!! None from my era was leftover for my daughter except a makeup kit! =P

cHeeRs said...

I owned a Pound Puppy too :)

Unknown said...

Wow! I remember that caterpillar. I had one too! Haha! What good condition all the toys are. Amazing...

Emily said...

Hi Corsage,
Wow, your mom is amazing. How did she maintain these toys in such good condition?

My parents didn't keep the toys that I played when I was young. After several house-moving, they were all dumped.

I realize that I should really keep some of my son's toys. At least when he grows up and look at them, they will bring him back his precious childhood memories. :)

Poiema said...

My parents and mil hoarded our toys too! So K plays with playmobil, duplo and (Lego still not introduced) clocks and boats from the 70s!

I had a grey pound puppy that I really loved... And a my little pony... And a barbie doll house that could 'close up'. The bed is really pretty! I'm not sure I want to introduce barbie but my mil already let her play with one! I remember the caterpillar but never had one...

lilsnooze said...

My mum kept our toys too! And we have a few boxes of happy meal toys! We ate sooo much happy meals!

I rem the caterpillar and we still have the pound puppy!

Do you recall....cabbage patch kids??

Susan said...

Such a nostaligic post :) I had a couple of these toys likethe caterpillars and pound puppy. Heck I even remember how the song went.

Conincentally my mom just washed some of my toys for Sophie which included a smurf plush, Elmo, Cookie Monster and Care bears!

Your Fisher Price set is so retro looking, I like!

Kelly said...

this post made my heart smile =) I had that exact pound puppy, and that bacon and egg looks very familiar!

Mum in the Making said...

Aiyoh, I had alot of nostalgia reading this post! My mum kept all my pound puppies (6 of them!), my 2 care bears, and all my Macdonald happy meal toys... So now Junior knows all about hotcakes and big macs thanks to her, and not because we feed those to him! I was never a doll person (the only Barbie I had I quickly tortured and dumped), but most of the animals I had are still around... :) Had quite abit of masak masak, but those were passed to cousins, so they didn't make it thus far! Your mum really took care of the toys, everything looks so nice and new!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Yes she's amazing! There's some stuff that went to my cousins though. Those I think weren't kept so well. heh. You had a make-up kit! That must have been such a cool thing to own :)

Hahaha! You did! Do you still have it?

Those caterpillars were all in the rage then! Yes the toys were washed and kept in a big plastic bag in the storeroom :)

My mother washed and kept the toys either in a large plastic bag or in their original boxes. I'm amazed at the condition they are in too. I do think toys were of a better quality then! Yes, do pick a few to keep for your son! (the only challenge I forsee for myself is the lack of space. boo)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

No fair, I don't remember owning Play Mobils!! Oh My Little Pony! I know that, but I didn't own one either. haha, we could have swopped toys when we were kids! Yes I haven't introduced Barbie to Bubbles. Someone recently gave her a Barbie-like doll but I've kept it for later. Does K like Barbie?

Gosh I must have been deprived! They had Happy Meals then? How come I never had any =P And YES I remember Cabbage Patch Kids! Haha. Those fat dolls. I don't think I owned any though!

haha you remember the song too? That's cool. I can only remember the Toys R Us jingle :) Oh yes Care Bears! They have somewhat been revived recently too, haven't they?

Hee, we've pound puppy twins! I loved those bacon and eggs, I tell ya!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I had so much fun looking through my old toys. There're still a ton but most are still in storage. Don't want to take them out till Bubbles is ready for them. You too had happy meal toys! Hee. I never had any. I can't imagine you being a doll torturer! heh heh!

Miss Leney said...

hehehe.. I had that caterpillar and pound puppy too! Aahh.. brings back memories :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Corsage! I want u to share the photos of Barbie's house with the complete kitchen and whatnots! I was a fan of Barbie dool in my childhood as well! And I got to buy the barbie dresses or gowns once in a month. I actually hv loads of the Barbie stuffs, need to find them out and post to my blog as well. Hahaa..

Anonymous said...

Ops! It's me before. Forget that I hv to pen down my name manually if using BB to comment. Hehee..
Celcilia Tjioe

fibrate said...

Amazing! They look like new. I don't think many of my childhood toys are still around, perhaps maybe my mutilated Barbie dolls LOL

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

We're vintage, babe! LOL. The caterpillar and pound puppy gang!

Whoa you got to buy Barbie stuff once a month!! You should really post pics! I didn't have the house, but only the kitchen. I recall that my Barbie stuff were Christmas gifts from generous relatives :)

My mother kept them well, and erm, I guess we were rather gentle with our toys too. heh. You were a Barbie mutilator?! LOL Is that when you developed an interest in the human anatomy? *GRIN*

mummybean said...

i had a pound puppy that went everywhere with me up till i was 10 or 11 i think. now i don't know where it is an am feeling a twinge of regret! i'm sure my mum has chucked it out. she mercilessly culls a lot of our stuff whenever we move house. sigh. i had that barbie bed too -- one of my prized barbie possessions, together with a bubble bath. haha.

Anonymous said...

Major nostalgia.

I had ridiculous amount of Snoopy, a few Pound Puppies and the caterpillar too, although in a different colour. Playmobils too but they seem to be so different from the ones around now.

Shelly said...

I have that exact same Pound Puppy, along with a "wife" and "child"! Call me selfish but I won't ever inherit them to my boys. They're too careless!