Breakfast chat

A girlfriend and I recently squeezed in a breakfast chat. She's here on a break from the US and we're both off at different times next week to (different parts of ) Malaysia.

From our online chat, I initially thought we won't be able to find a common slot in our schedules but suddenly we realised we had about 1.5 hrs to fit in before our respective appointments.

Knowing that we didn't have much time, we plunged into summarising what's happening in our lives and sharing near future plans. This woman has gone through a lot in the last few years and I am really in admiration of how she has not only coped but thrived. She has exciting plans ahead of her and I look forward to be of support as I firmly believe in the work that she hopes to do.

Similarly, she affirmed the directions I'm considering ahead and what I have already been doing.

These chats with friends who are good listeners, though short and perhaps too few and far in between, help me keep my balance as a busy woman, wife and mother. I'm thankful for this, among other balancing pieces in my life.

What helps you keep your balance?


Merryn said...

Blogging! LOL! Blogging helps ME keep my balance :P

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

LOL Yes in a way it does for me too. Space to write and create!