Of an Overnighter and other Untold Stories

I'm taking a break from my Krabi posts for a bit. (I do have a couple more photos to share though!)

Looking at the photos bring back lovely memories, although the past week or so has been CRAZY otherwise. And I'm not just talking about the Elections although this year's was certainly one that warranted much thought and debate. All of which I too actively took part in, although mostly offline.

Work was crazy and for the first time ever since Bubbles was born, I had to leave her overnight at my mother's place for one day last week. We have never spent a night apart before. Even when she was hospitalised for jaundice when she was 4 days old, I stayed in the hospital with her. So it was certainly a notable event for the both of us.

Thankfully, she held up well. My parents changed her routine by taking her out in the evening (as opposed to her waiting at home in anticipation for my return), and she was a happy bunny.

When I saw her again almost 48 hours later, she was so pleased to see me. She actually said Mummy, miss you not once but TWICE! For those moments the tiredness and aches I felt all seemed to melt away. I kissed and hugged her over and over again (on hindsight, poor her, as I was in quite a sweaty mess!)

We also squeezed in a trip up to KL to see family after my crazy work. There was no time to arrange for flights or packing of luggage for the plane. Taking the car was the easiest. Everything just went into the boot without much thought! The husband drove all the way up and again, it is with immense gratefulness that we acknowledge the wonderful traveller Bubbles is.

My email inbox is bursting and I apologise for not having had the time to respond to mails. I will do so as soon as I can, hopefully before the end of the week!


Dora said...

Bubbles is so good girl with grandparents! She must be excited all the way up to KL :-) Drive slowly & safe journey.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thanks dear - we had a safe trip! Roboman is a pretty careful driver. We also went at an offpeak time - which was lovely. No jams at all.