Krabi: The peace and quiet

We were told it was not peak season during the time we were in Krabi. It was lovely to enjoy the serenity of nature with so few people around.

The air must have been so clean too. Bubbles' nagging cough miraculously disappeared by the 2nd day we were there!

Here are some pics that show the restful quietness that we loved:

Can you spot 3 heads out at sea?
Those folks were there for a pretty long time!

 We were taking out time to walk to the resort next door for dinner.
It was low-tide.
In the background is Anyavee.
 At the roof-top.
The resort is situated on a slope so you get great views from up here.
Bubbles was trying to kiss me :)


goolypop said...

I lorve Thailand. Used to stay there for 4 yrs n visited the beach many times. Love, love, love the resorts there! Sigh..! Good to kniw you had a great getaway..

Dora said...

It seems so relaxing at the beach retreat but I do not belong to the beach & sunshine 'coz of my skin can't expose too long to the hot sun ;-)

Happy Mother's Day :-)

Miss Leney said...

Such a beautiful place, lovely photos! Happy Mothers Day babe!

mc said...

looks wonderful!! great pics and sounds like a lovely holiday:)

celcilia_tjioe said...

Happy mother's day! You and the family has celebrated it at the correct venue. Deeply love all the stories and snaps! :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

OOh, you loved there? Which part? Hope you get to go back some time to enjoy the places you did back then!

Haha, I understand. I tan very easily - too black too fast - although thankfully I don't burn. We stayed indoors during the hottest times of the day :)

I'm yearning for that peace and quietness again! Happy Mother's Day to you too!

It was! We could do it again!

Thank you! We didn't really celebrate Mother's Day this year. Oops =P