Krabi: Getting to Anyavee Tubkaek Beach Resort

I have to thank my dear husband for single-handedly planning this whole trip. All I really did was to take leave and pack the luggage for the Bubs and myself.

We flew by Tiger Airways because it is one of only 2 airlines that fly directly from Singapore to Krabi. Roboman had the foresight to pay for extra luggage weight! We needed it for all of Bubbles' many things.

There was an empty seat next to us on the journey up, so Bubbles had a whole seat to herself before we were told that wasn't allowed because she is under 2 years' of age. Still, she did enjoy having her own seat for a while, buckling up and busying herself with some stickers given by one of my dear friends.
As with all the flights she has ever taken, she fell asleep soon after take-off.
The drone of the engines really lull her to sleep.
She had comfy Daddy to lean on, and her beloved bolster at hand.
Arriving at Krabi International Airport with our fellow passengers.
Most, if not all of these people, left for the busier resorts at Ao Nang.
Our chosen Anyavee resort however, is located further up north the coast
on a quiet stretch of beach called Tubkaek.

We booked ourselves a Jacuzzi Villa.
I shan't bother with too many room photos as the website has way better ones.
Here's two:

The comfy bed and a pretty cot.
Can you tell she really liked the bed?
She slept there for all the 4 nights!
The daybed at the big window was really lovely to laze in and read.
This, however, is what we came for:
A gorgeous stretch of beach just a few steps away from our room.
This, is what Bubbles chased us out of the room every morning for.
Very lovely indeed. I miss it already!


eveeleva said...

Soooo pretty! I want to go...can't wait for the twins to be big enough for me and hubby to be brave enough to holiday on our own!

Kelly said...

aww what a good traveller she is!Fab choice, I LOVE Krabi and I can't wait to go again! In fact, that was exactly where hubby and I were a few months back!great choice for not staying at Ao Nang too. I reckon, way too busy. We opted for the same, and went somewhat close to you guys at the Sheraton. I couldn't fault the place!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Very very soon, my dear! And the twins will have each other for company - even better :)

She is a pretty good traveller! Thankful :) Ooh, we also considered the Sheraton. They have an in-house elephant, it seems! In the end we chose a boutique resort for a change as our last beach holiday was at Shangri-la at Sabah - another lovely but big place :) If you do go back to Krabi, do check out Anyavee or Amari Vogue!

imp said...

oh gorgeous!!

Ruth said...

Thanks for sharing! This looks like a great place to getaway to! Do they have special food for small kids? Food is a headache whenever I think about planning for a family hols. It would be so easy if my boy is still just breastfeeding!

Miss Leney said...

Oh wow, that place looks pretty awesome. Really makes me wanna go for my long overdue beach holiday now!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Hee, if you say so then it must really be! :)

Unfortunately not really! I lugged a small slow cooker along tog with some brown rice. I then dunked whatever cooked stuff we ordered from the restaurants. The resort's kitchen was very nice though - they cooked up rice (fish, chicken etc) porridge as requested a few times for us too. All other times, Bubbles was able to eat our food (eg. cereals, breads, pastas, rice, noodles) etc. The slow-cooker was just a back-up and for familiarity :) You could try! Some people use jar food but unfortunately for us, she has never had jar food and when I 'tested' some on her before the trip, she didn't like it one bit!

Perhaps you can plan for one before you pop? :) We did a babymoon too when I was around 7 months pregnant - at a resort in Sentosa!

Daddy and Mummy said...

wow.. so u were away on a trip too! Good choice to rest and relax with your loved ones.. :)

Jane said...

Looks like a lovely resort! Your slow cooker made its way there in the end, hee. Glad the food arrangements turned out well.

You know, it's time to plan for the next holiday!!!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Daddy n Mummy:
Oh yes we did! Didn't manage to make it as far away as you guys though :) It was a relaxing getaway.

Wah plan for another holiday so fast? ;) Hehe. Thanks for sharing your tips!