Krabi: The final few

Ok this is my last Krabi post, I promise! A mish mash of photos that make me smile :)

A wooden box full of sand toys!
 View from our bedroom at night
 The lush greenery
 Who has smelly feet?
How I wish I focused on that expression instead of the feet!
 She loved her sunnies.
When they slid off her nose, her cheeks held them up.
Methinks I should get more white tops.
 Waiting (impatiently) for our 'bus' - the resort's shuttle to Ao Nang.
The Bubs bravely asked the receptionists (after 30 mins of waiting) where the bus was.
Bus?! Bus?! Bus?! she earnestly demanded, with palms outstretched.
When they initially ignored her, she ran to the back of the counter to get noticed.
The amused staff had no choice but to call the driver one more time.
She ran back to us jubilant that she accomplished her task.
This is me in my polka-dotted romper that I love!
 Little toes
I've come to realise that her toes constantly move!
My baby on the sand :)
Thank You God for the lovely holiday,
and for Your creation of beautiful places like these!


Mum in the Making said...

I love these random shots showing little snippets of your trip! :) Think your white top is really pretty, and oh my, that photo of Bubbles with a scrunched up nose is so cute! Def a keeper! :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I got that S$15 top at a random sale! That scrunched up nose photo really made me LOL. I didn't realise that feet were in the photo at first (that's how bad my focusing can be sometimes =P)

Lady J said...

Yeah agreed... that scrunched up nose photo was adorable! Bubbles is such a sweet little gal. Love the pics of her toes too! :)

Yes and me thinks u should get more white tops. Love your polka dots jumper as well.

imp said...

i love your photos of Bubbles' toes! and that polka-dot jumper! where did you get it? such a fun vibe! fits you great.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I really should get 2 pieces of each white top I own! heh. They get muggy really quickly thanks to the way I do laundry! =P

Her toes are sooo cute lah! (biased mum) The jumper is from Cache Cache. It is SUPER comfy and soft but honestly the quality is so-so only. I also like the exposed zip it has at the back, which can't be seen from this pic.