Jacob Ballas Children's Garden Waterplay

We have been wanting to take Bubbles for water play. Already, she can spend more than an hour splashing around with a water hose and her little pail on the pretext of helping her Daddy wash the car. 

My parents took her to the Marina Barrage waterplay area on one of the days last week where I was waist high in work, and as expected, she had a blast.

This weekend, we chose to go to the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden (now to be remembered as THE place I lost my favourite sunnies)

Looking at these photos, I concede that fun she had does take the sting off the loss a little bit.

Testing waters
Just like she always does when in a new environment, she spent the first 15 minutes or so with her feet planted at the same spot, observing everything around her. It was actually quite funny for us to watch her watch others. This little pony-tailed tot turning her head this way and that just looking, looking and looking.

We forgot to bring some containers for her to play with, so Roboman gamely bought a drink, gulped it down, and gave her the cup it came in. She was pleased as punch and informed me that Papa give cup.
She had her tongue sticking out a lot. Like this photo below. I have plenty more with this exact expression on her face!
The funny highlight of the day for me was this:
After quite a while of running into the fountains, collecting and pouring away water, she suddenly tasked herself to wash our feet.  

Yep, she would fill her cup and run up to us to pour the water on our feet. Again, and again and again, running up and down. Wash Mummy's feet, Wash Daddy's feet, she kept repeating as she carried out her self-inflicted duty.

Yes my sweet Bubbles, one day I hope you will also understand the love that resulted in the washing of these feet!


Ruth said...

My boy's exactly like Bubbles! Especially when he goes to a playdate. He would stay near me ad spend some time observing the place and the people before he decides what or who to play with.

ame said...

yes. will def pray for her to understand that :)

Mum in the Making said...

Sorry to hear about the sunnies! :(

We love JB too... its a really nice place for a walk in the evening... :) And its sweet to hear about how seriously she went about washing your feet...

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

They're observers, those two! I reckon it has something to do with their learning styles - the way they take in information and apply them! I find it fascinating to observe her in observation 'action' :) I'm sure you too!

Thanks dear. I MISS YOU!

They were my most expensive pair too :( I might just get a pair from the petrol kiosk. Hopefully something fits me!

Yes, JB does seem a lot pleasanter in the evenings. It tends to get direct sun in the morning which makes it too glaring. Washing feet - we were most amused, and touched too, of course :)

celcilia_tjioe said...

Haha.. the Bubbles' expression of sticking out the tongue is happening to me sometimes too! LOL..