In Awe of Horses at Rider's Cafe

We recently took the Bubs to see horses for the first time ever. It was a late breakfast at Riders Cafe, where our seats overlooked the stables and a beautiful grassy area where horses trot.

Although I've been to this place many times, it was interesting to experience it again through the Bub's eyes. When she saw the horses from a distance, she was terribly excited. She saw a black horse being washed, and for a long time after, talked about seeing a horse bathing.

It was a different story when the horses came up close though! She was in awe (maybe shock?) at just how big and tall they really are. She stood there very, very quietly just looking at the beautiful animals as they walked past her.

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yAnn said...

I love this photo of her!

Mum in the Making said...

She looks really sweet in this outfit! And you managed to tie up her hair! :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thanks babe! The surroundings make for nice photos :)

Thank you! It was an accidental outfit. Ran out of pants (like I usually put her in) and put on this skirt for the first time. It is still a little big but I like the look of it :) Yes, she now allows me to tie up her hair as long as I don't take too long in doing so or tug too hard!

Ruth said...

I like Bubbles' hairstyle! Rider's Cafe is one of those places I've been talking about going for the longest time but never got down to it. Think we'll head there this weekend if no other plans come along :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Hey Ruth you should go! I'm sure your boy will like it. The area makes for nice photography too. Please do make reservations early! They don't do same day reservations and the place gets really busy on weekends!

bookjunkie said...

What a cutie.....I love her outfit :) frilly!!