From Sudan

Someone gave me this necklace recently. It is all the way from Sudan!

I love how it is such a statement piece.

Bubbles pointed to the black and white panels and said: Like piano

I'm preparing a fun giveaway that is coming up next Monday! Do keep a look-out for it especially if you know of a kid between the ages of 2-6. I'm really excited about it but won't say more for now ;)


celcilia_tjioe said...

LOL.. Still and always, bubbles amazed me with her smartness!

Jasmine said...

What a beautiful necklace- makes a bold statement if you wear a tube top/dress..attention will be drawn to the necklace and up!

P.S. back to blogging publicly ..drop by when ure free!

imp said...

i was going to write here "look like dominoes and casino chips!" because i thought of that immediately. and innocent Bubbles gave a much better interpretation- piano! how true. see how our perspectives change (perhaps for the worse!) as we age?

goolypop said...

A lil bit of your hair shows u r cleopatra like. Lol!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thank you :) I guess it is because she articulates her thoughts now!

Hee, me no look good in tubes so I avoid them! But yep this necklace does go with any plain coloured tops :) I'll check out your site, welcome back!

LOL, well they do look more like dominos/casino chips if we want to be honest! Perhaps it is more real-life knowledge than perspectives ;)

Ah, you are too kind! My hair is in kind of a mess right now. Am thinking of growing it long again but the process is not pretty =P

Anita Anthony said...

Oh! That's gorgeous!