Dora The Explorer to the Rescue

I brought Bubbles for her 18th month jab and medical check-up last week. (Yes, we're 2 months late, but that's really ok!)

While she has always showed a high threshold of pain with all of her previous jabs, I couldn't help but be apprehensive because she is now so much more cognisant and vocal. She already speaks in short sentences and is very aware of what goes on around her. Tricking her into a jab was not going to happen.

So I decided to tell her beforehand that an injection is going to take place. I told her that it would be painful, but she needed to do it to make her stronger. She nodded and said Okay.

She squealed when the needle went in and out, and wasn't happy about it at all. But thankfully like before, she recovered from the shock fairly quickly to ask for a change of plaster (she initially got a plain one) and agreed to one with a picture of Dora The Explorer.

With a wave and a Bye to the doctor, we walked out of the room. She then waved to all the other waiting parents and patients and announced: Bye bye EVERYBODY! In a very loud voice =P

Then, as I was paying the bill, I overheard her saying: Dora plaster! Injection painful. Adults all around were laughing with amusement.

I turned around and saw that my little girl had lifted up her dress to show everyone the Dora plaster on her thigh! My funny Bubbles!

During painting time that day, Bubbles decided that she didn't want the plaster on her thigh anymore. So off it went onto the paper she was painting on.

Life with a kid is never boring!


Kelly said...

what a brave little girl! We too, are late for his 18months jab n checkup, but like you said, there's no hurry at all for this particular one. Just as well, we're STILL here! =)

Merryn said...

ahhh... clever little girl! i like the plaster, very nice! :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Haha, glad to know I'm not the only one who's slow with these things! =P I guess you can wait till you get back? :)

Thank you! Yeah anything with favourite characters are popular!

Liverella said...

Lol, she flashed herself? Just so cute and I do love verbal kids... They say the cutest things

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

LOL I guess you can say that! Yes, kids really do say the darnest things - very very enjoyable to converse with them :)

Ruth said...

Wow, at 18 months Bubbles can speak in short sentences? She's one smart little girl! And she's brave too!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Yes she can speak in short sentences but she's 20 months' and not 18! :) hee. We were 2 months late for the jab!