The Braid

We were at my friend's place recently and look what she did!

She created a beautiful French braid (I think that's the name?) on Bubbles!
Isn't it lovely?
After sitting through the braiding of her hair,
the Bubs did not want to stay still for a photo.
She echoed my 'complaints', by slowly and deliberately saying:
Can't stay still, mummy can not take po to graph
as she moved around the living room with a grin on her face.
Still, I managed to capture some ladylike poses. Waha!

This little lady of mine!

The bad pics are not just her fault though. I've just realised that my iPhone's camera has been taking lower-than-usual resolution pics. It must be because I have over 1,800 photos/videos on my Camera roll! Time to do some deleting!


hemma said...

That is absolutely amazing! I couldn't even tie her hair without messing it cos she was shaking her head too much - your friend's a genius!

Kelly said...

THIS is why I am getting clucky all over again! So pretty!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I know! She did it so quickly too. In expert hands this is what you get! I actually really like the look on her - but it does make her look like she's 3!

Aww thanks! Ooh, exciting! Clucky, you say? I'm starting to cluck a little too. haha :) Maybe we'll hear of new baby bumps in the coming months!

Dora said...

Very neat & nice! I don't know how to do this braid for my niece... :-(

Candice said...

LOVE it! a very soft and girlie look.

the last time i had to braid my hair was in secondary school. if i wanted something like this, i'd have to wake my mum up early in the morning just to help me braid my hair.

that's why i ended up just doing the simple plaid myself when i reached school.

Kary said...

love, love, love the hair!
(and I also love the brown oh-so-chic polka dot dress)


Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I think it is easier to do it on oneself than on others! Esp for kids since they have such fine hair.

I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome! Her hair actually looked thicker this way. Haha, so cute you, waking your mum up to braid your hair :) That said, I do miss those long hair days. I'm sadly still trying to replace my post pregnancy hairloss!

Hee thanks! I'm sure you'll be able to do that with K when her hair is longer too. Dress is from Missy Messy! (link on my sidebar)