Krabi: The Eats

Any holiday write-up of mine has to include food! For our Krabi trip, we had our meals mainly at the Chom Talay restaurant at the resort we stayed in and the restaurants found in the resorts on the left and right of ours.

We enjoyed the dishes at Amari Vogue's Bellini, and The Arundina at the Tubkaek Boutique Resort. In fact, we felt that the food at these 2 resorts was much better than Chom Talay's! The latter's Thai food was decent but their Western fare was done with too much oil and salt. The standard was disappointing and did not match the quality of the rest of the resort's services.

On our last evening, we decided to venture out to Ao Nang. We had pretty good food at restaurant called Sabai Sabai there, which we later realised was owned by the same people who run Anyavee. If we ever go back to Ao Nang though, we would choose one of the seafood restaurants peppered along the coast.

Here are the photos!

 This pasta dish below was an absolute fave with the Bubs.
I ordered it on consecutive days because she asked for it!
I hope to attempt making it someday. I suspect the flavours come from the olives and anchovies.
 These Thai fish cakes were SPICY!
Bubbles LOVED them.
We were a little concerned about the spice and thought about ordering something else.
She had her own ideas though - took a whole piece and chomped on it.
Spicy! She said, while chewing.
That's my girl!
 Banana fritters.
The best I've had!


Lady J said...

looks good... I'm hungry already just by looking at those pics.. hehe

Kelly said...

YUM yum yum! Deelicious! How funny huh? Kids these days take to chilli like fish to water! I don't have a spicy palate at all, but K certainly does.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Lady J:
Looking at food pics does that to me too! =P Hope you're getting good eats where you are - bought or homecooked!

I was known as Chilli Queen before I turned 10! Guess where the genes come from :) Btw babe, could you email me? I couldn't find your email address. Need to ask you a favour!

cote_p said...

love your pics! :) glad you guys had a good time!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thanks dear! Photos often look better when there's lovely natural light (which we got a lot of!)