Yes to Memories, No to Boxes

I have written about doing some de-cluttering at home, and wanting to re-do some areas of our apartment.

Somehow, in a short 1.5 years, things related to Bubbles seem to have magically multiplied many times over. Our home is now full of things stamped "Bubbles". We badly need to re-organise and clear out stuff to make room.

So, after 4 good years of hanging on to these wedding momentos, I have finally decided that they must go. These are the angpow boxes that were lovingly made - two by my sister, and one by my MIL's friend for the wedding in KL.
They hold my wedding invites, cards, church programme etc. Alas, the boxes attract dust, and some parts are already starting to yellow. The crunch came when I found that I could not fit them in the new built-ins under our bed. The contents will be saved in my new chic black boxes (that do fit under the bed), and the angpow boxes will sadly have to go.

Sentimentality can be such a burden, don't you think?


Mum in the Making said...

Oh yes, kids seem to have way more stuff than us! The toys, the clothes... I guess you could print a photo of the boxes and store them with the mementoes? So you get the memories, but not the dust! :)

cote_p said...

rofl!! i just threw mine out last week too! kept it for years... plus i just threw my wedding ceremony ring pillow 2 days ago.. sniff....

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I like your idea! I think I'll just do that!

You too! I found our ring pillow in one of those boxes. Kept mine! Let's see what survives the next declutter ;)

lilsnooze said...

I had such a strong nesting instinch while carrying meimei that I threw out sooo much stuff!

The wedding memorabilia managed to escape. I didnt have an angpow box though.

iwhip.iwok.icraft said...

I threw away tonnes of things when I did a spring cleaning 2 years ago, can't imagine I was such a hoarder! Kept everything from lecture notes to receipts to paper bags. Hehe once in a while, it's good to spring clean and throw some stuff out. Like the Chinese saying goes "旧的不去,新的不来"。;)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

ooh you didn't have an angpow box! Where did the angpows go then? Would you believe it I still remember you had a lavender (light purple tones) theme going :)

Waha! I have a problem with paper bags too. I have a whole storeroom to work on now. Scary. I agree it is a good thing to declutter, although I think if not for space constraints, I won't be doing so much of it!

Jane said...

Aww, they're very sweet. You can actually use them to store Bubbles' stuff, maybe one box for her art & craft materials, one box for her cooking stuff, one box for whatever knick knacks she fancies. Such a waste to throw them away.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

They are pretty, aren't they? I've already thrown them out! Just as well, when Bubbles saw them she couldn't resist tearing out the decorations =P They were also yellowing and really dusty!