We're off on a beach holiday!

A few weeks ago, Roboman declared that this period will be the only chance he gets off work to go on a holiday with the family for a very long time. I immediately said OK, and yay, it is actually happening!

Truth to be told, we are not without our concerns. The Bubs has been nursing a cough for like FOREVER. The doc now thinks it is due to post-infection allergy (after a bout of mycoplasma infection) :( Thankfully, she seems cheerful, healthy and active otherwise.

This will be our first trip abroad with her (not counting the few trips up North to see family).

We've been talking to her about 'flying on an airplane', staying in a 'new room', and getting to 'play sand everyday'. She has been taking it all in with wide eyes and enthusiastic nods.

I've naturally been tasked to pack her luggage, and oh boy, the packing list now stands at #64 items just for her alone. Call me kiasu, but if we have luggage space, I AM GOING TO BRING THEM ALL. For my peace of mind, and who knows? Maybe our sanity too :) It will after all be 4 whole nights away.

I've decided to use this time as an Internet break for myself too. So, during this period, I will not appear on Facebook nor Twitter. I will not even be going near any computer, and my iPhone will be used only for calls and texts. I hope to spend the time catching up on reading, having uninterrupted conversations with the husband when the Bubs is asleep, and just soaking in some peace and tranquility. I'll probably also enjoy lying on ironed sheets (reflecting on the photo above!).

However, just because, posts will still be appearing (magically. wahah) on this blog. I know I'll be fighting the urge to read all your lovely comments. LOL!

Anyway, I don't think Bubbles will have a problem relaxing by the pool. Just look at her here. I asked her to sit next to me, but she decides to find her own space three deck chairs away! My little teenager!
See you next week people! Hope you have a lovely week ahead!


pinkclothmicrophone said...

Have a good trip! =) Think she's going to be asking for more holidays and sand to play when you're back.

Mum in the Making said...

Have a good trip! Love those little sunnies...

(We got the same yucky mycoplasma too, seems like its invading SG, yikes!)

mc said...

enjoy your holiday! i love beach holidays :)

Kelly said...

No kidding! We've got that cough too! I had it during my BKK trip in fact, and I STILL have it! Poor bubbles, I hope she gets better soon.

Enjoy that well deserved holiday! SOak it all up! Have a great one!

Madeline Heng said...

Very cute your girl! She's got a mind of her own :))

Tina said...

Have a good trip!

olimomok said...

LOL at how she chose to sit so far away from you! Have a good trip!

Miss Leney said...

Have a swell one will you? :) xo

Domesticgoddess said...

Oh how wonderful! Have a lovely trip! It's a must to be away from the computer and iphone. :>

cre8tone said...

Wow! Enjoy your beach vacation!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

We did have a good trip, thanks :) She didn't want to come back but now that we're home, she seems happy to see her stuffed toys. haha.

Yes that annoying mycoplasma! Our PD said he also doesn't know why half the population is sick!

Thanks! It was very lovely indeed. I'll write about it as soon as I find the time to!

oh dear! Guess what though, her cough disappeared on the 2nd day we were there! I think it is the cleaner air!! Hope you're better soon too!

She definitely does have a mind of her own! That's one thing people who have met her have commented =P

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thank you! We did have a good trip!

LOL yes! I HAD to take a pic. Thanks for the wishes - it was a lovely holiday!

We did. Thanks babe!

Yes it felt liberating although I did keep thinking about what photos would look nice on the blog. MUAHAHA! Terrible, I know! Thankfully I had my hands full with the Bubs and was sand-covered most of the time =P So the husband had the honours of taking most of the pics.

Prince & Princess:
Thanks! I'm going to catch up on reading about your break too!