A Resorts World Sentosa Pop-in

The past two days felt incredible. After being ill for a while, it was wonderful to re-start our weekend outings again. 

On a whim, we went to Resorts World Sentosa just to walk around and grab lunch. The weather was scorching hot when we arrived, but thankfully we had cloud cover a while later, which made everything a lot more pleasant.

Bubbles was just thrilled with the big open spaces, and spent her time doing these:

Running around while squealing
Stopping for a few relaxing strolls
Playing with her Chili's balloon
(which she thanked the waitress 3 times for)
Dancing with Momma
(There was music and we really did dance for quite a bit!)
Playing hide-and-seek
Chasing the parents
It was a lovely start to the weekend!


Yuling said...

She is toooooooo cute! Such beautiful hair and a radiant smile! I can't wait to meet her!!!

Anonymous said...

Bubbles is looking awesomely-pretty :)
Love how her fringe frames her face

The Kam family said...

Nice day, ya! Her hair has grown so long! So you decided not to cut/trim it?

lilsnooze said...

She's so cute!

It;s a really nice walk across to Sentosa!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Aww thanks! I love her hair too! Yes we should meet!

Thank you! Fringe is due for a trim really soon though. Starting to get into her eyes!

I'll have to decide soon if I want her hair at the back trimmed along with her fringe!

We were lazy and it was too hot to walk! So we drove instead. tee hee. But I did get the idea from your post about an outing there :)

Lady J said...

Such a sweetie-pie!!! Love her dress sense!

goolypop said...

:) :) :) See the smiles? Still smiling.. :)

catty said...

Your daughter is adorable! I love her stripey pants hehehe :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Lady J:
Haha thanks! In the stage of my life right now, I sadly dress her better than I dress myself! I shall live vicariously through you =P

Awww =)))))

She calls them her rainbow pants! I love them on her too. After all, I won't be able to carry it off myself. ROFL

poiema said...

love her outfit! They are so much fun at this age yah?

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Yes I remember you all saying 18-24months is the best! I'm enjoying the age very much :)