Playground Offerings

I try to take Bubbles to the playground in the mornings whenever I can. Fresh morning air and breezes make for enjoyable companionship.

Lately, Bubbles has been less interested in the play structures at the playground. She prefers to look out for insects or to pick up stuff from the ground to offer to me.

Her current favourite are these dried pod cases. I am not allowed to throw them away while on our walks:
So I just let her fill my hands with them. It delights her to do this. I think: How long more will she delight in simple things like that before life in our hectic country take over?

For her sake, I hope it will be a very long time more. It is a sad day when one loses the sense of wonder. To have to give it up for practicality and routines. May I always encourage and never quell that in her!


goolypop said...

:) gooly at one point of his life was picking up sticks from the grounds. So many pictures of him at the parks holding twigs n such !

Madeline Heng said...

Yes so true. One day they're gonna think everything we do is so yesterday (when they become ansty teenagers). I'm so not looking forward to that haha.

Alice Law said...

LOL, how sweet of bubbles collected such little souvenirs for you!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Yes! She still likes sticks and twigs too. These pod things are her latest obsession. I think it is coz they're interestingly curly :)

Teens! Ugh. I was thinking even sooner though, with the stressful school system I hear so much about!

Haha yes. Right now, I am her favourite person. heh heh. Let's see how long that lasts!