The Haircut

I finally took the Bubs for her haircut recently. Till then, we've only ever had her fringe trimmed.

We opted for a $10 cut from one of those chain salons. Happily, they also had a TV screening Tom and Jerry cartoons! Still, the stylist who was in turn to take us on looked a little worried when he saw his young customer. He whispered something to his senior colleague before tentatively asking me in Mandarin: Err, will she cry?

I shared with him that she has never cried nor fussed so far for all her fringe trims at other salons. (some places do fringe trimming for free!) With that assurance, we popped her into a seat and he began his work. Roboman and I were so tickled how Bubbles was SO SERIOUS throughout her haircut! She just sat there quietly with a solemn expression on her face. It was extremely funny for us to watch. She stuck to her serious expression despite us laughing away at her side!

She was either doing her best to be proper about the whole experience, or Tom and Jerry was very unamusing to her. 
Checking out her new look
I couldn't bear to really lop off too much of her hair though, so I opted for just a little trim to neaten the ends. Now her hair still looks longish but less messy. Everyone in the family prefers her new look. I'm not too sure myself, but acknowledge that there will come a time when more will have to be chopped off!


hemma said...

hahaha.. the little dear really DOES look so solemn! she probably thinks its a serious affair :)

Debra said...

She does look very serious, haha! I think I will bring Sean for those $10 haircuts next time too now that I know they show cartoons as well!

Miss Leney said...
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Miss Leney said...

She really has her serious face on! She's so cute! Kids and cartoon eh, it always works. :)

Merryn said...

hahaha! She's so cute! She can really sit there for her hair cut! Salute! :D

Jane said...

She really does look very serious. And I think her fringe still looks long in the last picture. That's the "before" or "after" look?

M said...

Bubbles rocks! I can only imagine Ry going no no :(. Her grandma cuts her fringe n I know Ry needs a trim bad but... Erm, I don't dare :(

Ruth said...

I always bring my son for those $10 haircuts! Even though I'm carrying him, he always cry and fusses. I wish for the day when he would be like your girl, sitting there quietly while the stylist work on the hair.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I do think so! When she saw these pics, she said: Cannot move! =P

Yes do have a try! It was by chance that we saw the TV screen. I'm not sure if all the shops have them though!

Yes and especially for her as she doesn't get to watch much TV at all!

Oops, that IS the After! That's when it is all combed down though. When it is left to naturally fall, it looks about 1cm above her brows.

Ry has lovely curls though! Don't cut them!!

Oh, I do think it is tougher for boys! They need haircuts more often and I suspect it takes longer to cut their hair too, with the shaving and all!