Fresh Milk Guzzler

We introduced fresh milk to the Bubs some time back, but it has only been recently that she takes it on a more regular basis. She absolutely loves it!

You should see her run to the kitchen door when she knows I'm getting it for her. Fresh Milk! She says. Yummy!
Mmmm mmmm
A bib is a must since she's already in her PJs and ready for bed.
 She always end up with stuffed cheeks.
Can't help but fill her little mouth with as much of the yummy stuff as possible.
 Bottoms up!
 More, please?
(Looking at Daddy)
Thank you dear readers for helping spread the word about Project Spare Attire!
The team has been hard at work sorting out the items to sell.
There'll be lovely dresses, tops, skirts and pants -
all going at prices that will not rock your wallets!
I spied some awesome cocktail dresses too.
Woo hoo :)
I'm so excited!


lilsnooze said...

:) Nat still drinks fresh milk, from the bottle!

Kelly said...

Her dainty little fingers holding onto her cup, is cute cute cute cute cute!

You're a brave one corsage, I give K a straw most of the times when he's already in PJs.... Bib or not somehow he always manages to pour it over not himself, but ME!!! (coz he insists on sharing. Hasn't quite gotten the hang of feeding me yet LOL)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

The bottle is so much more convenient isn't it?! I do realise that. See, Bubbles drinking from cup - gotta wear bib and stand in the kitchen =P

Oh but that is so sweet though! To be sharing his milk with you! Awww. Bubbles is actually neater without a straw because with one she'll want to stir the drink and the inevitable splatter will occur =P About her fingers - she does have a dainty way using them! You should see how she holds a biscuit, her little finger will be sticking out! LOL

Mum in the Making said...

So good that she loves her milk! And so cute! :) I still have to chase the boy with his mag mag cup, since he'd rather drink the human version!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Oh, I on the other hand really wish I could have breastfed for longer! Her eczema appeared when I started formula :( although thankfully it is controlled now with doc's creams. Btw how do you wash the mechanisms of a Mag Mag cup? I could never get it completely clean!

Mum in the Making said...

Sorry to hear about the eczema.. and glad its under control with creams!

Re the magmag... we have those little brushes (like those used to wash milk bottles, but way smaller) to scrub the straw. I dis-assemble the whole cup (take out both parts of straw) etc and scrub everything. Its such a pain to wash! But so far I've yet to find another more suitable straw bottle...

Alice Law said...

She is so smart to drink for a cup in such young age!! Bravo!!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

The Bubs now uses one from Munchkin. It is a taller bottle. It is so much easier to clean!! Hers comes with the Dora the Explorer pics, but they do other designs as well :)

Not that young liao :) 19 months!