Eat, Pray, Love for Cheap!

I recently stumbled upon a 2nd-hand bookstore called BookMart. (Sorry if I sound so dated!) It is located at The Central - the shopping mall with escalators that go all over the place =P

It is Singapore's largest Japanese 2nd-hand bookstore, and I was delighted to find that they do have a selection of English books as well.

Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to browse as long as I liked. I did however, pick up a pretty decent copy of Eat, Pray, Love for only S$6.80! It retails for around S$19 brand new.

If you have been to my apartment, you would have noticed that I almost always have a small stack of half-read books on my bedside table. They tend to be of different genres. It is a long-standing habit. I like delving into different 'worlds' that each of these books open up to me.

That said, I looked at my stack today and have the urge to pick up maybe 2-3 more books to take along a trip we're making this week. Holiday reading. Hopefully a pop into the nearby library would yield something! Do give me a shout out if you have something to recommend!


goolypop said...

Jodi picoult - sister's keeper.
The curious incident of the dog in night time -mark haddon
Oedipus Rex.. this one to bore you or sadden you with tragedy that you abandon the book n play more with bubbles :P

imp said...

Eh. Don't use library books. Then you've to worry about losing them. Just get the second hand books easier. BABE! 2 or 3 books? Methinks you'll find it hard to finish 2. :PPP

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Ah, thanks for suggestions! I've not started on Picoult although I know I'm probably the last person to read her books =P The summaries all seem so depressing! I've read the Curious Incident of the Dog. No tragedies!! =P

I did think of that! But so lazy to drag myself down to a bookshop. There's a library near where I am =P I forgot to add that I'll be going on an Internet fast. Wahah! So I'll have PLENTY of time to read =)

yuling said...

I always buy my second hand books from BookMart! They only accept books published in the last 2-3 years, so the books are usually in pristine condition, and very very reasonably priced! :)

lilsnooze said...

I didnt even know this place exists and I work near Central! Thanks for this, I love 2nd hand bkshops!

I am going to recommend Jodi Picoult too. But if you prefer light reads, don't.

Jane said...

Have you read Amy Chua's book yet? I purchased a copy after reading your link ... it was so interesting that I finished it in 2 nights. But it's lying around at home aimlessly now as it seeks a new reader!

And Jodi Picoult's really good. I've read every single one of her books!!! I think I might have a few lying around at home aimlessly too.

Let me know if you're interested. I'll be happy to meet for lunch! Since I think you're also a Westerner, and it'll be great to see you in person =)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

You discovered the little gem! I hope to be back soon :)

I don't blame you for not realising it is there. That building is just way too confusing! Too many hidden nooks and corners. Not good for business, methinks!

AHHH! Thanks so much for your sweet offer! Unfortunately we are leaving really soon and I won't be able to meet up before the trip. I'll touch base with you when we're back!