2 Different Gifts

I always feel so blessed when I reflect on the generosity of our friends. For no rhyme or reason, we have people around us who shower us with thoughtful gifts at random times.

A friend whom I met up for dinner with recently plonked this on my lap:
For Roboman and his friends, she says. This is one woman who definitely knows her whisky. He was rather pleased to see it! I personally don't know much about whisky, and like wines, I just know if I like or don't like a certain one. Bowmore has never failed! Roboman, on the other hand, comes from a family where all the men are whisky drinkers. Gosh you should see how many bottles lie around in his parents' home during festive seasons.

Last Christmas, I was introduced by his family to Glendronach (don't ask me which year). I thought it was really good too. They tell me it is very smooth. I was thrilled that it healed my sore throat. Haha!

Now looky at this!
How cute is that? :)

Another dear friend presented this book to Bubbles recently. Just in time for Easter she says. Bubbles was so excited and on the way home in the car, she said with anticipation: Mummy go home read book. And then Auntie buy. Present. Now, every time we read the book, she declares knowingly: Auntie give! (or Auntie buy! again)

I just had to photograph the book with a little sheep beanie toy that was also given to Bubbles some time ago. This is from a globe-trotting family friend. She never fails to drop off something for the Bubs each time she lands in Singapore or Malaysia.

We are so grateful to be loved!


Kelly said...

It's so heartwarming when people give/do stuff for you so randomly. It's really not the actual gift, but the thought itself isn't it? =)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Definitely about the thought! It also reminds me to think about others as well.

lilac butterfly said...

i love black sheep toys! it is very cute :)