Wooden Toys for Toddlers

Our guests always marvel at the sheer number of toys that Bubbles has. We have to admit that she does have A LOT of toys and they can be found not just in our apartment, but also at her maternal AND paternal grandparents' homes as well.

We are amazed at the number of toys she has accumulated in a short span of 1.5 years. Bubbles is blessed in that very few of her toys were bought by us. Most are lovely hand-me-downs like the rocking horse, or generous gifts from loved ones.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend who was preparing to move to Australia asked if I would like her daughters' old toys. I took Bubbles to her place, and we chatted while her girls happily entertained Bubbles. We came home with with lovely well-kept toys and a few puzzles. 

My favourites of the lot are the 2 wooden ones pictured above. Gorgeous colours. There's just something special about wooden toys - natural, organic and beautiful even after years of use.

Bubbles doesn't care much for the train. She does however love to hammer in the wooden balls and watch them roll down the slopes.

She has also inherited a number of MY old toys that my mother carefully kept all these years. I need to find time to photograph them to show you!


Dora said...

Hi Corsage, I'm glad you stopped-by my blog earlier today. Personally I love wooden toys too because it's safer for the small kids like ours! Keep in touch :-)

Mum in the Making said...

Oh do photograph those toys! There's something special about toys passed from generation to generation... and we love wooden toys too! As much as we can help it, we try to choose wood over plastic, there is something just so much more sturdy and lovely about wooden toys! :) Pity though they are more ex! I think Bubbles might like the train in time to come, usually when they get older they start liking those pull along toys...

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Yes let's keep in touch! Thanks for leaving a note again :)

I'll have to lug my camera to my mother's place one of these days! I've a whole lot there! I know what you mean about price - but at least they'll likely last for much longer!

~tif;fany* said...

i like those wooden toy trains! how cute!

Ruth said...

I love wooden toys too! They can be so expensive though. but the graining, colour and well, pretty much everything, of a well made one is impossible to find in the plastic ones.

Different 'feel'. or maybe i'm old school.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I like it too! She doesn't think much about pulling it around though. Prefers to play with the stuff on it!

I know what you mean! The touch and feel of wood is just special!

Jane said...

I love wooden toys too =) I find that the cheapest wooden toys can be found at Ikea. Anywhere else in Singapore, the wooden toys would cost a bomb. Yeah I want to see your old toys too!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I agree! I recently noticed Ikea's as well. There was this car set that I really liked but the last time I went it was no longer there :( Love the car track set you got though!