What shall I do with her hair?

Taken just before she noticed and pulled the flower tie off

Bubbles no longer allows me to tie or clip her hair! No more pony-tails like before.

It is a real pity. Her hair is rather long now. The tips reach her shoulder blades. It has pretty waves!

She'll pull clips and ties off, give them to me and say Mummy wear! She'll then look expectantly as I obligingly put them in my hair, however silly I might look. Without fail, she'll give a big nod of approval and declare Nice! or Pretty! But still refuse to have them on her own head.

The grandparents have been asking me to take her for a hair trim because it does get in the way at times.

A friend also advised me to do so to ensure stronger roots for fuller hair in her adult life.

I can't bear to have her hair cut! My baby's hair! Boo hoo!


Debra said...

I am facing the same dilemma with Sean's hair!!! Think I really have to bring him in for a haircut soon :(((

~tif;fany* said...

cut and keep the hair in a box?

Kelly said...

I can so understand the reluctance for her first haircut! K had his first professional cut at 15 months! She looks so adorable with the length and waves, it would be a pity!

short or not, i reckon at some point, you'll still put some pretty bows and ribbons in her hair =) I say leave it!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I guess I'm luckier that she is a girl! Can't believe how sentimental we can get about hair!!

Some people make stuff like brushes with them too. But I don't want to keep them in any form. Too practical for that! (plus no space)

Aww! Her fringe has been professionally cut because it kept getting into her eyes. I really love her waves! Am afraid they'll not grow back after we snip them off!

Dora said...

I think small girl with short hair is more comfortable & easier to maintain :-)

Jamie said...

Jade also refuses to allow me to tie or clip her hair up.. And when her hair became too long (past her shoulders), i had no choice but to trim it to just above her shoulders.. Sigh, i really wanted my little girl to have nice flowing locks, but she had other ideas!

Jacinta said...

Aww...she still looks really adorable tho. :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

You're a practical one! I hope cutting away her waves doesn't mean they're never coming back!

I'm surprised! I remember she use to wear all sorts of pretty hairbands! I guess they are in this phase now. What.to.do.

You mean with her hair tied up? I'm still shuffling my feet about the decision. Heh

Merryn said...

hehe.. Ethan doesn't like me to comb his hair! But thank goodness he allows me to trim it. I've been the one trimming his hair since 3 months old until today :D

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Wow, since he was 3 months old! I started off trimming her fringe myself but have since always taken her to a hairdresser. Mine does it for free :)