We've great neighbours

If we ever move out of our neighbourhood, I know that it will be the people that we will miss most. There's a wonderful community where we live, especially among the mothers.

One mother makes it a point to inform the rest of us if her children fall ill after a playground session with our kids. This helps us keep an eye out for possible illness in our own children. I've had such information passed on to me via SMS-Email chains, which really surprised and touched me.

When I needed the telephone number of a gas company, I asked my neighbours. I did the same when I searched for a part-time cleaner.

We drop by each other's places when we run out of supplies like sugar or potatoes, and I've even been offered coconut milk!

A few days ago our next door neighbour (this super mother of 3) came by with this cheery plate of cupcakes:
While we were chatting, our new neighbours stepped out with their pet dog, creating a stir of excitement among our kids. Bubbles and our neighbour's little girl took turns to pat the dog and receive loving sniffles and licks.

When it was time for everyone to return to their own homes, Bubbles said a bye-bye, then brought her hands to her forehead and said a loud Aiyah! We don't know what made her do that, but it was a very funny end to a pleasant neighbourly time.


celcilia_tjioe said...

Wat a thoughtful neighbor. The toppings on the cupcakes make them look lovely and yummy :)

Madeline Heng said...

Very thoughtful neighbours you've got there! Like the Chinese saying goes, "Near neighbours is better than far relatives" (direct translation) =)

Kelly said...

I hope we're as lucky at our new place!!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

It was her son's 6th birthday! They had a simple family celebration and decided to share some joy with their neighbours :)

Oh I totally agree with that saying! I personally think family relationships can be over-rated :P

All the best to you guys! Just 1-2 good neighbours can already make all the difference!

mummybean said...

it's so great to have good neighbours! my neighbours here at our new place are much nicer than our previous neighbours. i hope over time we will get to know them better!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Good for you! Having nice neighbours really makes life more pleasant, esp if you see them often!