* The bub and I have been ill (and still are). This month has been really bad for the family health-wise!

I use a lot of notebooks at work. I scribble and doodle, and went through a mind-mapping phase.

On a regular basis, I throw out used notebooks to make space for new ones. Before I do so however, I always flip through them to see if there's anything I should save.

Look what I found in a notebook I used last year - right after my maternity and no-pay-leave.

I first saw this:
 Then this, a couple of pages after:
I couldn't help psycho-analysing myself (sorry peeps who are in this field, is there even such a term?!).

Was I telling myself that I am an individual? A Me, a Self, a Person, before a mother and wife?

I certainly don't remember such thoughts. Perhaps my notebook did!

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