On the Mend

* Thank you all who commented on the previous post. We appreciate all your thoughts and prayers! Bubbles is much better now.
As a parent, I've realised that many bad habits are formed when a young child falls ill.

When our kids are sick, we allow them a multitude of things to make them feel better, to help them get well, or simply to make lives easier for ourselves.Co-sleeping habits are often formed during episodes of illness.

Since Bubbles took a turn for the better after that frightening episode, we have allowed her to eat whatever she wants (with the exception of shellfish, eggs and milk).She lost quite a lot of weight through the whole ordeal, and we were anxious to put back calories and nutrients into her newly skinny self.

So, despite my previous dietary rules about no added sugar or salt in her food, I gave in to anything that she fancied.

And boy, has she taken a fancy to chocolate wassants!

In Singapore, I believe this bread was made famous by Provence Bakery, and since then other bakeries have followed suit with their own versions of it. Bubbles has had her fix on those from Breadtalk and Four Leaves as well.

The light and fluffy, not-overly-sweet bread has made her a happy camper this past week. She literally asks for it all day long. I'm now wondering how I'm going to wean her off it! Deep inside though, I'm just so relieved she's finally eating normally. It is truly a weight off my shoulders.


Mum in the Making said...

So so glad she is better! Must have been terrifying to witness the seizure... Your little girl sure is a trooper, am sure some added sugar or salt shouldn't do any harm! Hang in there mummy!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thanks dear! Yes it was certainly terrifying. Am thankful I was by her side and that the husband was at home! We've to do some retraining with regards to eating habits around here =P

Anonymous said...

oh dear! i hope you are coping well! Gracia too have a fit when she was 2 yrs +. at that time my boy was only about 2 months old! Josh rush her to the nearby clinic and I was following behind with umbrella since it was raining and bag and my boy in my arms... being Parents is no mean feat!


Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Oh my! That must have been a real scare for you too! Was hers due to high fever? Yes, an older lady recently told me that the whole journey of being a parent is not easy at all!