One of those moments

Magical moments. There are many when you spend time with a child.

Here's one bath-time conversation that I will remember:

Bubbles: Frog. On!

Me: Do you want Mummy to turn it on for you?
Bubbles nodding: Yes

Me: What must you say?
Bubbles: Pease!
I wind up the toy frog and place it in the water, where it swims.

Bubbles: Gute! (cute)
waves at the frog
Bubbles: Hi! Morning!
smiles shyly

Me: Do you know who bought the frog for you?
Bubbles: Yeeeee (Yi Yi - my sister. She can't seem to repeat Yi twice, hence the long Yeeee)
Me: Yes, Yi Yi bought the frog for you.

She suddenly reaches out for her face towel.
Bubbles: Ta wol!
Me: Yes, that is a towel
Bubbles: Mummy!
Me: Mummy?
Bubbles: Buy!
Me: Yes, Mummy bought the towel for you! (Surprised)

Bubbles smiles and nods, happy to be understood.

She then leans forward, looks earnestly at me and says
Tank Yew!

I don't know if she noticed that my eyes misted up. I gave her a hug and whispered a You're Welcome sweetheart.

She grinned and happily splashed around in her tub while I sat there watching her, knowing that the Tank Yew moment will forever be etched in my mind.


goolypop said...

Bubbles is really cute! Enjoy your posts mucho. :) ESP on insomniac nits as such. Tank yew...!

catty said...

Hehe that is the cutest conversation! Love when they just learn to talk and are able to express themselves :)

imp said...

oh, quite priceless!

pinkclothmicrophone said...


celcilia_tjioe said...

Tank Yew for sharing this sweet conversation here. It made my day :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

goolypop + imp + pinkclothmicrophone:
Aww thanks! :)

Yes, they're the funniest at this stage!

You're welcome! I'll post more funny conversations as we go along. I want to record them down too!

poiema said...

aww... a melty mummy moment! :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Indeed! :) I'm sure you've had your fair share (and now a double dose with No. 2 in the picture!)