Lost and Found

Soon after I lamented about our plant that died, I discovered this in a hidden corner of our service balcony.

A few months ago, I thought we had killed another plant, and my then helper removed the pot from our living room. She must have placed the pot here, wedged in a little space next to my washing machine. (I didn't know that's where our Baygon went either).

Somehow the sunshine and occasional rain sprinkling in must have caused the plant to re-generate. Some bud must have been lurking in the pot. It looks like it is growing well, and I might just move it back in again when it gets bigger!

I'm in the midst of planning a little re-do of our home. We're designing our own TV/media area that can accomodate Bubbles' things and Roboman's speakers and amps. These are efforts along with my ongoing de-cluttering process. Besides bringing in soft furnishings, I'm also very keen on doing a photo wall (or two!). Bubbles will also get new book/toy storage in her room. Excited! May God grant me energy!


Mum in the Making said...

Wow, it does look like its growing well! :) Your re-do sounds exciting... can't wait to see the pictures! :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I've just been told it is an Eustoma! :) I'll definitely do before and after pics. I just hope the afters won't take too long to materialise =P

imp said...

such a fun find! an unexpected pleasure indeed.

i love your writing, woman. keeps me company and makes me smile on this long trip. :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Your trip is so very long! Hope you get connection at your next leg :)