Birthday at Work

2 lovely things greeted me in the office on my birthday...

A colleague actually made this!

A fresh cream cake from my team:
Yes I decided to go to work.
Took the afternoon off after being told many times that I should not be at work on my birthday!

After lunch, a pre-school visit, and putting Bubbles' laundry in the wash,
I went for a hot stone massage. Twas nice :)
I'm very boring I know =P


Dora said...

Happy Belated Birthday & so thoughtful of your colls! Enjoy your day :-)

jasmine said...

Happy Belated Birthday, babe!
May happiness never leave your side :)

pink cloth microphone said...

Massages make me one very happy person too.

Jane said...

Why would that be a boring birthday? It sounds really lovely and nice!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Yes I do have nice cols :)

Thanks babe! :)

Yeah never thought I would be so happy with FB messages too!

It does? Haha, I guess it does pale in comparisan with how life was before. I actually did laundry?!