Another Melty Moment

When I got to my parents' place after work yesterday, I found Bubbles sitting at the front door having her dinner! The door was wide open and she was on her little stool that she normally uses when we put on her socks and shoes.

She immediately jumped up when she saw me, face brimming with excitement. She then said Mummy, feed! while pointing to her bowl of food.

My mother told me that she was yearning for me to get home, and insisted that the door be left open.

Once again, I melted. (Looks like this melting thing is now part of my life!)

For the rest of the evening, she was an absolute sweetheart. So much so that I felt guilty for writing about her tantrums. Why does guilt plague me so ever readily since I became a mother?!

I love you, my dearest Bubbles! We will build beautiful memories together.

My adorable munchkin...


goolypop said...

*pat pat shoulder* it's ok, mummy... We have looney, hair tearing days once a while. The charms of motherhood :). N that's a fine giraffe? she built. :)

Alice Law said...

LOL... lovely mommy's girl! More surprises to come as girls usually are emotionally sentimental!:)

Lee said...

Hi Corsage, love your callsign, 'corsage'...very original, has a bit of a romantic tinge to it.
I guess to mothers their daughters are their dolls they played when young, only now it's a beautiful, walking, talking living doll....
And you sure got one great looking kid there, and its nice to read or hear the baby name of 'Bubbles'. Love that....

So often we read or hear of young kids being called, 'boy boy', or 'girl girl'.....
Have fun, kids grow up fast.
Keep a song in your heart.
Best regards, Lee.

Dora said...

Sweet Bubbles! She likes to build tall structure? :-)

Anya & Arielle's mom said...

For a moment, my brains processed the header as "Melting point" and had thought it was another post on her tantrums.

Don't feel guilty, because you are penning factual events in her life which she will appreciate in time to come, good or bad. It will be overly optimistic to just paint a pretty picture right? :)

ame said...

she looks so adorable in the first pic :)

Amanda said...

What was she doing in the first pic? She looks like she was singing or something! So cute!!

Poiema said...

Looking so pretty! She has Rob's eyes huh? Love her blouse!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

That's a 'tower' we built together. She was quite thrilled how tall it got and asked her dad to come see :)

Yes, that's a reward for all the hard work! hee

uncle lee:
Thanks for popping by! 'Corsage' came from the days I always wore a flower pin :)

Yes she does! She is generally more interested in breaking apart the blocks though! :/

anya's mom:
Haha! Yes that is true. I just felt bad because she was so sweet the next day! But we're still coping with tantrums now and then :P

I know! I have no idea what she was doing though! LOL

I wasn't there but I think she was singing/talking to herself!

Yes she does! She apparently looks like me when her eyes are closed though. LOL! Top is from Old Navy! She has a ton of stuff from there thanks to my aunt!