A Pat on my Back (I need it!)

I'm almost embarrassed to share this because there are tons of mothers out there who are managing a whole lot more than I am. Hats off to all of you, I say!

That said, I've always had live-in help since becoming a mother, and it is the suddeness of going from help to no help that is trying. I'm writing this post to remind myself that I-CAN-DO-IT. I'll probably need to refer to this at some point. Maybe frequently.

After experiencing the first full day on my own, I decided to buck up and plan ahead. So, when we flew back from KL on Sunday, I began my preparations for the next day.

My Day:
When Monday rolled in, I was woken up by a pre-set alarm at 6.30am. I popped out of the bed, started Bubbles' breakfast and lunch preps, threw in a load of laundry (the Darks), folded clothes, packed her go-to-playgroup-bag, had a quick breakfast and washed up.

When Bubbles woke, I was ready for a little snuggle in with her before a diaper change and a milk feed. By then, the laundry was ready, and my little helper came along to hand laundry from the machine to me to hang up. Hang! Socks! Papa's! Shirt! She exclaimed periodically, while at it.

Next came Bubbles' breakfast time. She had her Yoghurt (with LactoGG) and some Cheerios. While she was eating, I finished up her lunch prep and popped the food into my trusty Foogo jar.

We changed and off we went for her Mandarin Playgroup. (Where she decided it was push-the-chair-day).

Then came my favourite part - my weekly lunch outing with her. We stopped by a Hongkong Cafe, where I ordered an Yuanyang, and fed her lunch. Then, I released her for a run around while I had my lunch. She came round for a few pops of beansprouts into her mouth. She then had another bottle of milk and fell asleep as I drove home.

I carried her into bed, and gingerly trimmed her nails (it is impossible to safely do so when she's awake!).

That done, it was time to roll up my sleeves and get to work.

I prepped her dinner and ours (cooking seems to take up the most time!), threw in another load of laundry, cleaned the kitchen and the floors, packed our wardrobe, took a shower, and set out her bath items. By the time I hung the laundry up to dry, she woke up and was ready for her bath.

Fresh from a bath and water play, we hung around to read and play together before a girlfriend swung by with her daughter for a playdate. Then, it was a delightful 2 hours of watching them play and catching up with my friend. I even managed (sorta) 3 dinners: heat up the little girl's, final preps for Bubbles', and cooked Roboman and my dinner (more on that another time).

It was then Playground time where I also squeezed in an errand for my MIL's friend.

Fed Bubbles' her dinner as Roboman came home.

Served the adults' dinner.

Gave Bubbles a good wipe-down (marker ink, grime from the playground and pasta goo) and popped her into her PJs (Jamas! She said approvingly). Milk and Sleep. The wonderful husband did the dishes.

I then cleaned the kitchen (again). Why do insects appear so ever readily?! Mopped the floors (ok I cheated and used wet Magic Wipes), did another load of laundry (Bubbles'), packed her bag for going to grandma's the next day, checked work email, showered, wrote a quick blog entry, did up a to-do list, and went to bed.

Bubbles then woke up at 1.30am requesting to sleep with us. Sigh. Ah well. Wrote about that on the Facebook Page.

So that was my one 'successful' day.

As successful as it was, I'm getting in part-time cleaners and ordering in dinners!


Jane said...

*Pat pat*

Good job! You know what, I feel tired just 'reading' what you've done ... Hope you'll be able to get part time help to clean the house soon. If tingkat doesn't work out, buy dinner instead of cooking it. Sure cuts down a lot of time spent in the kitchen (washing + cooking). For Bubbles, perhaps you can cook once every 2-3 days and just freeze her food so you won't have to cook so often. And for laundry, how about accumulating everything till the end of the day? That way, only need to do one load per day.


Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thanks for the *pats*!
I managed to get a cleaner in this Friday as a try out. Hopefully I find one that can come by twice a week. Bubbles' food doesn't take long to prepare (thankfully!) so I can manage with that. As for laundry - haha - yes well we had quite a bit accumulate as we were away, and I wanted to clear them all before my work week.

How many laundry loads do you do a week?

The 'types' I now do
1. Darks
2. Lights
3. Bubbles'
4. Bedding
5. Floor rugs/towels
6. Hand & Kitchen towels

Ahhh! SIX types?! But yeah. 4-6 once a week and 1-3 perhaps 2-3 times each (depending on what we wear/use!)

Anonymous said...

One word.


Seriously you should give yourself a pat on your back.

I would never have been able to do all that on my own...



PS: May God help you and provide for all your daily needs!


The Kam family said...

Very soon you will get used to the routine.

We have a trusty part time helper who has been with us for 2+ years. For your laundry items 4-6, all done our part time helper when she comes every Friday (she hand wash item 5 and ). You should ask your part time helper to do that also (good to set it right on her first visit). Our part time helper helps us to change bedsheet and then put them into the washing machine right away. Then hang it out before she leaves.

While for our own laundry, I don't seperate the clothes, just throw in everything from the whole family, and I only do laundry once every 2 days so that's 3 times a week.

I can do with 2 kids without any help because I don't mop/clean floor at all, leave it to our part time helper, so the floor is only cleaned once a week. The most I will use the dry magic clean once or twice a week. So for weekdays, I don't have any housework to worry about except laundry which I do every alternate day, and cooking for dinner. For dinner, I cook very simple meal, but make sure it's nutritional enough for my boy. So that way, I still have about 2-3 hours every evening to spend with my kids after work.

yuling said...


It's tough, especially initially.

I have a shedding dog at home, so the house is hardly spick and span. :/ We've learned to close one eye. Choose my battles, I always say. Some things can wait, I suppose. We now wash R's laundry with ours, and we no longer separate the lights from the darks, except with laundry bags. So far, so good. I've begun to leave her playroom alone too, otherwise the packing is CRAZY.

As for mealtimes, R now eats what we eat, which is a good thing coz we are forced to go for healthier food. Salads, stews, pastas etc are quick and nutricious. We load up on crisp rye bread, wholemeal wraps, cheese, cherry tomatoes etc for instant but wholesome meals. You know, for the days you just don't wanna lift a finger to light up the stove. :p

You can do it! :)

poiema said...

well done! *many pats*

we only do laundry on weekends, one light one dark load. K's clothes go in with ours.

bedding is about once a month, and sofa throws about once a fortnight. :)

part-time help does the floors.

cote-p said...

you are SUPERMOM! i'm exhausted just reading your post.. ;)

Anya & Arielle's mom said...

You did more than great! I only cook once a week for the adults when I am a full-time mom with no work obligations. You were right about the cooking taking up a lot of time part. Three cheers for Corsage!

josiah n faith said...

wow! u r one amazing mom!
but seriously, think u need to relook at how to cut down on your workload (e.g. by getting the part time maid to do more, getting Roboman to buy dinner for the adults on his way home) otherwise u'll risk burning out!

imp said...

it's really wow. I'm tired by the time i finish reading this post. this is something i can never do!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Hey all, thanks for your encouragement and for sharing how you manage your homes! Am learning from you people as well. Much appreciated!

Will write more about how I'm adjusting to this new arrangement as I go along!

mummybean said...

wow, that sounded reaallllly tiring! i hope you'll be able to outsource more of the cleaning to part-time help, if not you might burn out. hope your cleaner works out. good luck my dear! i'm sure you'll find your balance soon.

mirrror said...

You're doing great! Don't worry, once the routine is set and you're used to it, things will get easier.

I outsource the cleaning too, has an aunty to come clean twice a week (used to be once but since i got preggie, up the frequency to twice) since my gal's a few months old. Thank God for her help these 2 years. As for laundry, i do about 2 batches once a week (adults clothings, dark and light), more frequent for the gal's clothings. For your no. 4-6, it's as and when required.

You'll have to learn to close an eye to the untidiness in the house at times. Live will be easier when standards of cleanliness is lower. ;)

Keep up the good work! You'll find it easier to cope.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thank you :) Cleaner's here today! woots!

Sounds like you have a reliable cleaner! :) Yeah I'm trying to lower my standards. Just that I have unfortunately been spoilt over the last year or so! Used to having a neat and tidy house!

Mum in the Making said...

Corsage... you are doing a fantastic job! :) Many pats on the back...

I do agree with the other mums, we've learnt to close one eye to some dirt and untidiness (especially when we used to have a dog)... Must rest a little too ok? :)

It'll get easier since you're settling into a routine, also, there'll be less laundry to do, since this round it was post-trip clothes to wash right?

Take care, and way to go! :)