Lunches with Mummy

One of my favourite things to do is to have lunches out with the Bub.

When she was younger (read: still a REAL baby), people always told me things will get easier. I have to agree. To all first-time parents: It IS true!

Now, at 16 and a half months, she walks (runs, jumps) independently, eats some adult food, and doesn't drink so much milk. It is a bliss taking her out on my own.

In fact, I'm enjoying it so much that I'm being lazy at the whole toilet-training thing, as it will mean I'll have to rush to public toilets upon indication from her. I know. I should really think long-term.

But anyway...

Bubbles has blossomed socially, showing keen interest in other people, and making friends everywhere she goes. It is a joy to see how she approaches others, initiating handshakes (yes she has done that!) or peekaboos, waving or simply calling out to them (Uncle! Kor Kor! Baby! etc). This trait makes it easy for me to dine out as she easily interacts with (or is entertained by) serving staff and other patrons.

In the photo above, she's looking out onto a construction site after finishing her lunch. She ran back to me exclaiming Uncle! Helmet! while whacking her head as part of her description. She then proceeded to play peekaboo with the service staff, even daring to walk into the kitchen to grin at them. As we walked out of the eatery, she pulled away from me, ran back in towards a little boy having lunch with his grandma, exclaimed Kor Kor! Bye! and waved before running out again.

We have come a long way from the days I had to eat with one hand while nursing her!


ame said...

such a sweet post.
and on another note, i like the place too :)

mummybean said...

you can still toilet train her at home but put her in a diaper when you go out. i still do that cos i'm too chicken to deal with eeky public toilets! bubbles is so independent :)

poiema said...

such a lovely sociable girl she's growing up to be... and so verbal too! ah... such a joy.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

You must really like it to be able to recognise it from this photo! :)

The problem is that we are more often out than at home when I am with her =P I really should stop being so lazy about it though!

Not chicken! some public toilets are truly scary!

Her father says she is a chatterbox. I'm sure you've been experiencing the same joy watching K blossom :)

imp said...

I miss her! she has grown so much! i must see her soon and bully her. :p

Pris said...

You are so lucky!! I would love to be in your 1.5 years time..

mirrror said...

Time out with mummy is excellent bonding time. Bubbles' such a sweet and sociable girl.

I'm also lazy with toilet training too, what's worse mii is older than bubbles. Let nature take its course? :p

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Wahahaha! Hopefully she won't bully you too! My BIL asked me on the last day of our KL trip if he was the only person she orders around! Muahaha. The answer is clearly No!

You've a young baby? Don't worry, in no time he/she'll be just like Bubbles! Enjoy the 1st year. It passes way too fast!

Haha, yeah I am in no big rush. Just that it will be great not to have to change diapers anymore!

Candice said...

looking forward to bringing my baby out for lunches with the husb & some shopping too!

but in the meantime, i'll enjoy this time when my back can still take his weight. ;)

Cindy said...

I look forward to this year flying by. Dealing with a newborn all over again reminds me that I really knows next to nothing about parenthood!! Can't wait till the kids are all a little older!!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

The time will come sooner than you think! :) Enjoy your little bub now - they stay babies for too short a time!

You're doing fine! Parenting is clearly a learning journey, with steep learning curves for us new mothers! I think the kids will grow up really fast!