I'm like Michael Jackson

According to a Malaysian girlfriend.

Why so?! I demanded to know.

Because you've missed out on an integral part of childhood.


Okay alriight fiine...whateva...

I made up for it last week ;)
According to Bubbles, it was Smokey and Boom! (along with the covering of her ears)

Happy Year of the Rabbit!

As always, Chinese New Year is a 2-weekend affair for us, given that one weekend is always spent in KL. Between last weekend and the one coming up, I'm rising up to the challenge of juggling mothering, housekeeping, wife-ring (?), and still doing my day job. It has been physically tough, given the recent changes. More on how I'm coping soon.

In the meantime, to newfound Tiredness, just Beat It!


The Kam family said...

I have just read about your recent changes. You sure can do it! Kids adapt very fast. It's the adult who needs more adjustment, mentally and practically. All the best!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thanks! Yeah, Bubbles now hands over clean laundry for me to hang up to dry! Woo hoo :) Thanks for the encouragement!