From 3 to 2, and no Black please!

The Bub now says 2-syllable words pretty well.

As a result, she has also begun to confidently attempt 3-syllable words by taking it upon herself to remove one syllable. Why say all 3 when Mummy (the default Bubbles Speak interpreter) can understand when I use just 2?

So there, here is Bubbles in her Car-gan (cardigan). You can't quite see it from these photos, but it has customised embriodery from Pixie Threads. She asks for this when she feels cold. It is a good thing it is white.

Here's why:
If I so much as dare to wear my (black) work Car-gans home, she makes me Take Out!. When asked why, she knowingly explains that it is Hot.

The truth is, she doesn't like me to wear black. She has made me Take Out! not just black Car-gans, but also black neck cass (necklaces) and belts when I get home from work. Once, I happened to wear all 3 black items with my white shirt, and I had to remove all of them at her insistence!

Here's another photo of her looking straight at the camera. And that's Patch the Pup making his appearance on this site :)

I wish I knew how to superimpose this image of her onto an autumn scene. The background seems all wrong!


mummybean said...

I wonder why she doesn't like black? That last pic is sooo cute - she looks like a doll!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I don't know! I guess it could be true that kids prefer bright colours. She recently wore a colourful inexpensive top and declared it Nice! She even went up to other moms in the playgroup to hold up her dress and say so!

About the last pic - wait till you see what I received in my inbox! Will post soon :)

Bernice said...

She can speak alot of words for her age! how did you teach her so many words?

Kary said...

Car-gan, neck-cass, take-out is like what a...ermm...3year old would say?
Bubbles is very very advance....well done little one!
(yes, i also would like to know how you teach her to say so many complicated words :))

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

bernice & cupcake:
Oh dear, I think it is a combination of her willingness to mimic what we say, the fact that we have never baby-talked to her, and the number of adults that interact with her every day. Let me think through this a little more to see if I can identify areas that others can replicate! I'll write about it in fuller detail then :)