Shoe Rack Kitchenette

Have you ever wanted to buy a little kitchen set for your child but found prices prohibitive?

A creative mom from my church turned an unused cheap shoe rack into a make-shift one for the cry room. Check out the stove-top, shelving, and my favourite - double taps!

Lots of cooking, stirring, pouring, washing and erm, even bathing (of stuffed toys) happen while sermons are preached! If I ever re-create this at home, I'll attach boxes under the taps to serve as sinks!

What other creative ways have you re-used things for play? I would love to hear your ideas!


Anonymous said...

That's pretty awesome, heh, I spent how much on the one from Ikea again, sigh.

mummybean said...

how cute! this is really doable and is a good idea, considering how DD is against me buying a kitchen set for noey. i'm not so creative that way though noey has plenty of fun with boxes (shoe boxes, equipment boxes, furniture boxes) i direct his way. his current fav is a huge box i got with the purchase of a chair which is his new playhouse.

ame said...

that's really creative! :)

pinkclothmicrophone said...

I couldn't bring myself to buy a kitchenette too so got some ideas online and made one using corrugated cardboards.

Quite fun (for myself) and served its purpose. Too bad we threw it away when we moved.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

The Ikea one is really nice though! I didn't cave in to temptation only because I don't have enough space in the house!

Saw that big box! You can cut windows to make it more 'housey'! I've saved all our big boxes and plan to create something for Bubbles at some point in time. My dad made us a gorgeous house with windows, tunnels leading to it etc. We even had curtains! So I want to do the same :)

So simple but effective!

I remember that! Very nice one too! You're likely to make another one for baby girl :)

Mum in the Making said...

I love this! Especially the double taps, ingenious! I too am thinking of the Ikea version since the boy loves his masak masak so much, but again, it'll be hard to find space too... I probably will just use a plastic container as a sink and make a stove top from a box or something!