My Little Monkey

This is a side of Bubbles that I have not written about often. The cheeky monkey side of her.

The side which says jeekee while throwing her head back in laughter when you say she's cheeky. Who pretends to give you something and then pulling it away when you reach forward to get it. Who imitates every sneeze, cough, burp and snore that you make, and then saying it was a sneeze, cough, bop and snore.

For months, she has been watching kids in the neighbourhood do all sort of stunts on the monkey bars. She's held on to this shortest one, tipping her toes back and forth and shouting swing, for a couple of weeks.

Then suddenly, one day after she turned 16 months, she lifted her feet of the ground and managed a real swing.

There has been no looking back since.

Now, she attempts to do this with anything she can hang on to. Including our thumbs/hands/arms.

Yes, my little monkey, just hold on tight!


ame said...

she's so cute in these pics :)

poiema said...

she's growing so well!

mirrror said...

hang on tight!! this's my gal's favourite activity too.

is bubble climbing around at home too?

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

ame & poiema:
Thanks :) She brings us so much joy! (and work! haha)

Thankfully not really! At home, besides climbing up our bed and the sofa and maybe dining chairs, she doesn't really climb. She prefers to open up cupboards/bags etc and rummage through them =P

mirrror said...

Oh, time to get those childproof locks. Or like what my mum did whenever her granddaughter aka little mii visits, tie up all the knobs!

But don't worry, this phase will pass when they starts to understand instructions, which also means they are growing up, too fast.