I've been hit by a de-cluttering bug. The deadline I've given myself to complete this process is the end of January.

These beauties of boxes are going straight to new storage we've got a carpenter to build under our bed.

I'm also looking out for mood boards to decide on a new colour scheme for my now monochromatic living and dining areas.

To keep costs down, I'm only going to bring in soft furnishings and maybe a couple of ornaments to bring out possibly a red and turquoise theme to go with our dark wood and black furniture.

I just wish I had more TIME and ENERGY. If only those 2 things can be bought!


ame said...

oh. very nice. u shd have shown me the REAL thing!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Eh, not very interesting my dear!

thesavvymummy said...

Wow, getting a fresh start to a new year? Sounds like great fun! Maybe you can post a few pics of your house before and after. :)

imp said...

that is really VERY neat!