What one does with a Phone

It wasn't this phone but you get the idea.
Bubbles borrowed my sister's phone and walked around the house chatting away in a knowing manner.

There were baby sentences in many forms, pauses to 'listen' (it was after all a conversation), and accompanying facial expressions which ranged from happiness to excitement to quizzical frowns. Hand gestures were thrown in once in a while.

At the end of the animated conversation, she walked up to the both of us and gave an instruction:
Pok Cart!

Erm, what do you mean, dear?
We were puzzled.

Pok Cart!
She repeated earnestly, looking from my sister to me pleadingly while holding up the phone.

Sorry dear, we don't understand!
Just what does she want?

Pok Cart!
She said again in exasperation, and tried to put the phone INTO THE BACK OF HER DIAPER.

My sister and I unanimously exclaimed before rolling with laughter.
The little one grinned with pleasure at being understood!

*Reading this conversation makes me giggle all over again!


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Mum in the Making said...

Aiyoh! So cute! :) Thankfully she didn't really stuff it down her diaper!

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