Jee Gee! she says affirmatively, when I tell her she's a Cheeky one.

Thanks for all the words of concern about my current mess.

Although I say 'current', it really is a result of longstanding circumstances that I cannot change, and the recent weeks of no rest and time for myself knocked me off balance and the downward spiral began. While I recognise the need to steel myself to respond to the situation I'm in with positivity, and for most times I have managed to, I somehow could not cope with a recent amalgamation of events.

I hesitate to say that I am depressed, for that is a big word, but I'm definitely feeling nagging tiredness and a sense of despair that is different and much darker than what I have ever experienced.

I've put a stop to the increasing amounts of coffee I've been sustaining myself on, and have started taking Vitamin B supplements. Both of these seem to lift my mood a little. I'm also hoping to start an exercise routine again but this is more challenging given that I don't have much time and the recent rainy season has put a stop to my go-to choice of hitting the pool.

Thankfully, I know that God is with me, and that He truly understands just what is happening in my life. He is the one I turn to these days when I really am unable to explain to people what is going on in totality. Thankfully too, He has given me Roboman, who has shown deep concern and patient understanding, although it is clear that this is a battle I need to fight mostly on my own.

Bubbles has been learning Psalm 23. This is her take on it, said with much enthusiasm:

Me: The Lord is my...

Me: I shall not be in...

Me: He makes me lie down in still...
B: PAR PES! (this one needs a bit more work. haha)

Indeed He is my Shepherd and I will be comforted. My little girl will be reminding me of this wonderful truth!


Mum in the Making said...

Hang in there, will keep you in prayer ok? I think you're taking great steps by cutting down on the coffee and starting the supplements and exercise. Keep holding on to God, He will pull you through!

(Bubbles is such a darling. :) And thanks for the reminder to start teaching my son verses!)

Kelly said...

soo cute! I can picture her completing the verses for u =)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thanks for your encouragement!
Yes, I have my mum to thank for being quite consistent in repeating Bible verses to Bubbles. Now we do a tag team where we will update each other on where the other has 'left off' in the teaching of a verse, and continue from there.

I have to remember to video her saying it :)