Road Trip Affairs

Other than during Chinese New Year when the roads up to Malaysia are notoriously jammed and we choose to fly, we like to drive up to KL visit my in-laws. This recent trip up to attend a cousin's wedding and to stay over Christmas was no different.

Driving up allows us flexibility of packing things in. We usually fill the boot to the brim there and back. We can afford to bring in creature comforts like a variety of toys and shoes (For me. haha!). This time, we also brought home tins of Karihome Growing Up Milk powder that Bubbles takes. It costs about S$10 cheaper per tin!

We never rush and drive safe. Door to door, we take around 6 hours, including a 45-60 min break in between.

Bubbles is an excellent traveller. Give her a few of her favourite plushies, and she's a happy bunny. She talks to them and then sleeps for most of the journey. She wakes up at our pit-stop for a little meal (usually some biscuits or bread and a drink), a diaper change and a run around. I've realised that she does not have appetite for her usual pasta or rice porridge while travelling, so she gets a bigger breakfast prior to the journey, and more milk along the way.

Here she is at the pit-stop on the way home, happily carrying her keropok handbag (as she calls it), that she insists on hanging from the crook of her arm!


Mum in the Making said...

Great that she's an excellent traveller! Our boy is starting to get restless since our trips up to Penang is much longer... now we have to split the travelling across 2 days instead.

Heehee, she is sure cute with her "handbag"!

Happy new year!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Oh yes, it will be much longer to Penang! Do you go up often?

Yes she loves hanging things off her arm and calling them handbags :)