Over Freshly Brewed Coffee

A girlfriend came by my office to meet me for lunch. We then popped to a friend's place for an after-lunch coffee. She was nursing a cold and holed up at home.

We each had a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Upon the girlfriend's recommendation, I chose the Ristretto. I was slightly worried it would have a sourish taste that I hate in coffees (that's why I usually choose to have mochas or a coffee-tea mix). Thankfully it didn't, and was actually rather pleasant. I finished my cuppa!

The coffee break was perhaps made more pleasant because of the company and the lovely home we were drinking the coffee in. (How do people keep their homes so very pretty and neat all the time?!)

These 2 friends - one is single and the other married without kids - have been hanging out quite a bit doing random things. As much as I love Bubbles dearly, I have to admit that I do miss those carefree pre-baby days! Oh, the freedom to travel at the drop of a hat, to take 2-hour naps in the middle of the day, to hang out over late dinner and drinks whenever one felt like it, to shop at leisure.

Having a baby does somewhat put a stop to living life spontaneously. If you are like me, someone who thrives on doing things on the fly, the new structured lifestyle can sometimes feel too regimented and restrictive.

Thankfully, I have managed to carve out bits of space for spontaneity every now and then. Having freshly brewed coffee with lovely friends counts :)


imp said...

if any one of them has a pet and lives on their own, i bet you that they'll tell you 'i need to go home to feed my cat/dog.' Heeeeeee.

Such a nice coffee break you had!!! if only it lasted all afternoon!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

It was really nice indeed! Think the coffee must have been strong through as I couldn't sleep last night! eep!

ame said...

lovely pic :) must show me mum. haha.

Anonymous said...

me too! as much as i love my babies! i simply miss those pre babies days!!! life will never be the same again...


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