Eczema Update: Lacto GG

I wrote an account about Coping with my Child's Eczema. You might want to read that post first, as it links to this page, and my other posts on Eczema.


I thought I'll do a little update on Bubbles' Eczema situation: 

Since the last skin prick test entry, I received advice from mothers whose children have eczema. It does seem to be a pretty common thing to have. Mothers shared with me how they helped their children cope with it, what products they used, and which doctors were good. Thank you to those who took time to share your experiences with me!

As 2 different doctors all felt that her eczema was unlikely food related, I needed to find other remedies.

Moisturising plays a big part in the treatment of eczema. The 2 most common moisturizers that were recommended to me are: California Baby Calendula Cream, and Physiogel Cream (or Physiogel AI Cream for more serious cases). I used an entire tub of the California Baby Calendula Cream, and a whole tube of PD-prescribed Eczera Cream. Both helped to keep her skin moisturized but did nothing to stop the eczema flare-ups. 

Many mothers switch to skin-friendly bath gels from the above-mentioned brands, or others like the ranges from Cetaphil, Seba Med and QV. We used Cetaphil for quite a while.

A mother also shared with me an old Chinese remedy of boiling bitter gourd vines and letting Bubbles soak in the solution. I really wanted to try this but could not find bitter gourd vines. A call to a local vegetable farm had me rebuffed!

After one really bad episode of eczema flare-up (weepy, crusty and bloodied skin), and seeing how Bubbles was obviously in discomfort, I whisked her off to see Dr JC as recommended by a friend and many others on the motherhood forums.

With his clinic's own bath gel (which contains Almond extract), and creams, her eczema cleared up in a week! Bubbles suddenly had a surge of energy, which made us realise just how much the itch and general discomfort was bothering her. I later found out that one of the creams had a small amount of steroid, which I wanted to avoid, but seeing how the eczema cleared up I was happy to use it just for that one week. The other creams are just moisturizers.

Dr JC also prescribed something which research has shown is lacking in the guts of babies and children who suffer from Eczema. It is a strand of probiotics - called Lactobacillus GG. It has been found that by supplementing the body with this strand of probiotics, many recover from Eczema conditions over a short time. 

We have therefore been giving Bubbles a capsule-full of this every day. We hide it in her yoghurt or dip bananas in.

And so a miracle has happened (in my books). The combination of Dr JC's bath gel, creams, and Lacto-GG has kept Bubbles Eczema-free for a couple of weeks already.

We're so thankful for this outcome!


Jane said...

Corsage, where did you get the Lacto GG from? I'll be interested to try it out, except that mine doesn't take yoghurt and dairy at all.

sharmane said...

Thanks for sharing bubbles' experience. .. V informative

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I got mine from the doctor's. A check on the box shows the distributor's name as Paedicare Pte Ltd. The tel no is 62555592. Perhaps you can give them a call to find out? The doc did say yoghurt won't be as effective as it contains a lot less of the bacteria. He also said I should give it 6 months for the eczema to totally be banished. Hope it works for your boy too!

You're welcome! I learnt so much from others as well. Your baby doesn't have eczema I hope?

Kelly said...

glad to hear you've found some solutions to ease her discomfort! But I am sure she's not the only one who feels relieved, so do you, isn't it! I can most definitely relate to that.

Po Li Loo said...

Hey, just started taking LactoGG upon the advice of a midwife at the baby wellness clinic I go to. Since my whole family is om antibiotics, she said we should all take probiotics, especially the newborn and me as I'm more prone to thrush, as I'm breastfeeding. I got a case of sticker shock though as my box cost $67! Are they usually that expensive?

pinkelle said...

Hi, can I please check which doctor you saw? My baby had a recent eczema flare too and I'm trying to get a permanent fix. Thanks!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Po Li:
Sorry for this very late response, but yes it is expensive! We get ours from Malaysia though it is much cheaper there.

Could you drop me an email at please?

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
You can get Lactogg at a few places in SG.


2. Unity Pharmacies (pls get from those that keep it chilled)

3. Four Season Gourmet Market

4. Paeds

Cheapest is from the URL above.

Also you can join these FB groups to learn/share more on eczema.

Anonymous said...


My boy having eczema problem too. WOuld u mind to share DR J contact pls

Piercing said...

I didn't know bitter gourd vines could be used in that way. Interesting.