A Photo to keep me going

I have a whole store of photos of Bubbles on my phone. I flip through them when I need a little something to perk up my mood.

This photo in particular has put a smile on my face this PMS-filled week. It shows a jubilant Bubbles after purchasing a loaf of bread from a vending machine.

A bread vending machine through the eyes of my Bub is a very interesting and attractive contraption. The exciting machine allows her to drop in coins, press buttons, watch a loaf get pushed outwards and drop, and use both hands (and all her might) to pull out the chosen loaf. Upon retrieving the loaf of bread, she will make gleeful sounds and hug it protectively all the way home.

This has now become an enjoyable little weekly ritual for us. (Her grandpa has been known to let her do this more often by purchasing small cake rolls that we usually would not choose to eat =P)

It is impossible for me not to smile when I remember my baby and her loaf of bread!


Kelly said...

bread VENDING MACHINES??? wow cool! I'm a adult and just the sound of that thrills ME! LOL

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

LOL yeah they've installed these machines in the estate where I stay! The loaves cost about 5 cents more but the convenience (and fun factor) makes it totally worth it!

The Kam family said...

What? Bread vending machines? I haven't seen one myself. Yes, can imagine how Bubble would have enjoyed the fun.

Have a nice long weekend ahead!

ame said...

she looks so girly and pretty in this pic :)

pinkclothmicrophone said...

We saw it and we were in awe at the vending machine!

She's always so smiley... =)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Yes we were thrilled when they set it up! Hope you're having a great weekend too!

Aww thanks! It is her smile :)

I know! It is rather popular too - many residents buy bread from the machine.

mummybean said...

they just installed these machines in my estate as well and noey loves them. but they're so popular the bread is often sold out! love bubbles' jubilant smile!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Oh wow - THAT popular! Only the 'normal' flavours sell out fast here. They do replenish the bread every morning. Maybe you can suggest for them to put in more of the popular stuff!