Mother-Child Bonding on Keppel Island

During one of my recent days off from work, I bundled Bubbles into the car and drove to Keppel Island.

We spent the morning strolling around looking at boats and other random things. She was particularly intrigued by the large concrete 'balls' that wouldn't move (she tried very hard to 'roll' them), and an orange float that hung near the jetty.

As we both already had our breakfasts, I didn't bother sitting at the cafe, although we did walk in to have a look at the selection of breads and cakes.

At close to 14 months of age, Bubbles and I can now take simple pleasure in each other's company. Just the both of us exploring the world - pointing out interesting things, saying hello to strangers, holding hands with each taking turns to lead the other, and occasionally giving each other assuring mummy-baby hugs. It is a special relationship we now share, and I pray so hard that this will be a relationship that blossoms as she grows to be her own independent person.


Anonymous said...

Bonding time with ure little bud is so precious and im sure at diff stages of her growth, it brings on different bonding time and more precious memories!

The Kam family said...

Oh, that's so sweet! I am sure this special relationship will last for a long, long time!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I'll be working hard and praying hard to build this relationship!

I sure hope so! A special mother-daughter bond!